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10 Reasons Why To Say Yes to Your Bridal Session

One of the most frequent questions we get is: What are Bridals? And Why should I book a bridal session?

Here is our secret: Before being wedding photographers, we didn’t know about Bridals either and never had them done ourselves. Now looking back we have so many reasons why we wish that Luisa would have scheduled a bridal session.

We decided to share our Top 10 reasons on why you should consider booking your Bridals in hopes that we answer all of your questions and to make your Bridal session a dream come true!

What is a Bridal Session?

The moment we (*brides*) have been dreaming of since we are little girls. Getting all pampered with hair, makeup, nails, jewelry, shoes, bouquet, veil and of course the *DRESS*. On your wedding day there will be so many emotions and limited time to capture lots of timeless photos of JUST YOU. That’s why almost all of our brides now book a separate 1-2 hour bridal session with us. Your portraits are of course kept a secret until after your wedding day.   

Location: Your bridal session can take place indoor or outdoor. Most wedding venues, like The White Sparrow, The Grand Ivory, Firefly Gardens, The French Farmhouse Venue, The Nest at Ruth Farms, offer complimentary time for your bridals (*if you are getting married at the venue), or you can even book a session there for a small fee.

Time: Typically 1-2 months before your wedding day.  The session is typically 1-2 hours long.

Our Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Bridal Session

  1. Celebrate YOU(r beauty): You have dreamed of this day and worked so hard to get here! It’s time to celebrate YOU and how beautiful you are (inside and out).
  2. Relax & enjoy some you time: Wedding planning can be stressful. Your Bridal session the perfect excuse to PAUSE all wedding planning activities, to relax and to enjoy some you time! We will take care of the rest!!!
  3. Wear your dress (more than just once): The dress of your dream! Don’t you want to take any opportunity to wear it more than once??? During your bridal session you can! And you can also break in you shoes for your big day.
  4. Let your hair & make-up artist spoil you: Book your trial run with your hair and makeup artists and see your full bridal look come together.
  5. Get your nails done: We will of course also take some detail shots of your ring. So why not spoil yourself with a manicure before the session!
  6. Your bridal bouquet: Talk about your vision, colors and floral inspiration with your florist and get your bouquet for your bridal session to see how beautiful it will look on your big day and if you want to make any changes for the actual day of.
  7. Make it a gift to your husband: Order prints or even an album with your favorite bridal portraits and gift it to your husband the night of your wedding! He is going to LOVE this surprise and tear up once again about how beautiful you look in your wedding gown.
  8. A gift for your parents (and grandparents): Print one (or more) of your bridals as a card and write a note to your parents that they will be able to read on your wedding day. This is such a sweet gesture and an unforgettable memory for them.
  9. Display them at your reception: Most of our brides print a large bridal portrait or two and it will be displayed at the reception. You can also print a large photo and gift it to your mom, dad, and/or grandparents.
  10. Reminisce these timeless memories: These photos will be forever a reminder of your story. Your love. And your beauty (inside & out). You will be able to look back at these photos and remember the way you felt, tell stories to your children and grandchildren, and remind yourself of your unconditional love.

To ensure the same love & respect and best quality to all of our Luisa’s Secret Brides, we can only take a limited number of weddings and bridal sessions per year. We book out 12-18 months in advance, so let’s get your bridal session on the calendar and join our Luisa’s Secret Brides Community!!!


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