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Luisa’s Secret Date On Valentine’s Day

We cannot believe this is the 5th Valentines Day that we are celebrating together (but this time not in two different countries)!!! Where did the time go???

Even during our long distance relationship we always found a way to make this day special and celebrate our love. Since materialistic gifts are not as important to us, we typically decide to go out, cook, and spend a day together away from all work & business on Valentine’s Days. But this year was a little different…

Luisa’s tooth has been chronically inflammed…

I really do not enjoy going to the dentist which is why I have tried avoid my dental visit for a pretty long time… Until last weekend. The pain was getting so unbearable, that I made the final call and scheduled the only available appointment to get a temporary endodontic therapy, antibiotics, and opiods to reduce the inflammation and pain before my final root canal therapy. Long story short: I had a fun “date” with my dentist on Valentine’s Day this year!!! Even though my dentist is amazing and relieved my pain within minutes, I sure hope this will be a first and last Valentine’s dentist “date”!!!

Anyway, due to these circumstances we celebrated our Valentine’s day a little early this year 💖

This is our second year of marriage which is why we picked up the theme of “cotton” for our celebration. We got some sparkling wine (just because we love sparkling wine), cotton candy, and our cameras for a fun date!

With our two cameras & tripods we headed to our favorite photo location in downtown (The Winspear Opera House). The afternoon light was perfect for some beautiful pictures and we enjoyed taking silly pictures with our pastel colored & delicious tasting cotton candy.

Now we have some fun memories to remember our second year of marriage and another unforgettable Valentine’s Day. We had to fight through lots of difficulties but learned to always stick together, grow through all the ups and downs, to never forget celebrating all (tiny & big) accomplishments, and being absolutely grateful for the special love that we have.

I am so lucky and grateful to have such an incredible husband and my best friend by my side! He is up for all the girly things that come to my mind and always finds a way to make me feel so special, which I hope I can give that back to him 💖

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved one(s)!!!


Luisa & Douglas

And when you least expect it, after an exhausting day, I come home to this 💖💖💖


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