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Great Laughs and Good Karma!


Yesterday I met some incredibly sweet fashion bloggers from Dallas. Misty (@Heels & Hugs) & Hayley (@Happily Hayley) have such beautiful and positive charisma and from the very first second we met I knew our photo session would be filled with lots of joy and laughter.

Misty and I are sharing German roots, she still lovely calls her grandma “Oma”, and Hayley is a born and raised Dallas fashion girl. They both are able to manage being proud & sweet mommies and fashion icons at the same time!!! (My biggest respect!) They are not just fashion besties, inspiring and supporting each other throughout their carrier, Misty & Hayley seem to be soul sisters that know each other best, sharing great memories and are off to a great friendship that will last forever!

Now, it was my pleasure to capture their passion and enthusiasm in pictures while showing off their gorgeous dresses.

Unlike Dallas it was a little cloudy and colder yesterday, which is why Misty brought a jacket to keep herself warm in between shoots. We hung her jacket over a pole and started posing, laughing and capturing fun images. Quickly we had the first shots and switched locations. After about 10 minutes we were done with the first outfit, ready to change. That was when we noticed Misty’s jacket was missing. We rushed back to our first spot: No jacket. It was gone. Including car keys and phone. Shocker! We searched the whole area, talked to security, other photographers in the area, nobody had seen anything… After several phone calls, text messages and Misty’s efforts trying to remember apple id & password to track down her phone, we were hopeless and decided to reschedule our photo session. I felt terrible for not looking after all our stuff, not remembering to bring everything when we switched locations… But it was too late.

We wrapped up and after a few rounds driving around the area, hoping to find the missing jacket, I called my husband to let him now I was coming home early.

Meanwhile, Misty’s husband was successful with “Find my iPhone”! They were able to track and follow her phone via GPS. They kept me posted and I nervously was waiting for the final relief: They found the jacket, phone, and car keys and got it all back!!! Unbelievable!!! A gentleman saw the lonely jacket and picked it up… He was very kind and immediately gave it back to them. Now, this is what I call good KARMA!

Lesson learned! Always, always keep an eye on your surroundings and keep all your things with you at all times! And apple: thank you for the best innovation yet, “Find my iPhone” saved our day!!!

I cannot wait to see those two again for more pictures. This time with more sun, and hopefully without any temporary losses!!!

Thank you both for an absolutely unforgettable day!!!



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