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Lisa’s 30th Birthday

Exactly one week ago I met my adorable client Lisa for her 30th birthday portrait session.

A few hours before our session I’ve heard tornado warnings, the sky was dark grey and the weather forecast showed rain all over Dallas… I was pretty bumped and worried we had to reschedule our session. But the best part about living in Dallas is that bad weather never lasts long… The sky cleared up & the sun came out and gave us some super pretty lighting for her pictures.

Alisa is absolutely gorgeous and super fun. She was really nervous about being in front of the camera all by herself, but she naturally knew how to be goofy, smile, and just having fun with me, while I was trying to put her in some poses with my “broken English”… When I am behind the camera I get so excited about the photo, that I forget all the words in my head and mix up my German & English (which I like to call “Germenglish”)… Usually I start posing behind the camera to show my clients what to do, which then creates some natural laughs and beautiful pictures.

I will actually turn 30 in two years and always debating if I want to throw a big party or do something more relaxing like cake & coffee, or cooking with friends… When I asked Alisa she had the cutest plans I have ever heard of: A Tea Party! I looove this idea so much and will definitely keep that in mind for my 30th!!!

Xoxo 💕



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