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An Intimate Proposal In Highland Park

This is one of the most adorable couples we have worked with!!!

When I first spoke to Will over the phone I couldn’t believe how many similarities our both’¬†relationships have.

Will and Allie are college sweethearts and been living in two different cities ever since they graduated. Long distances are probably one of the most difficult things to overcome in a relationship. From our own experience I know that every goodbye is getting more and more difficult as you realize the importance of your partner. But you also get the opportunity to focus on yourself, learning to be vulnerable and happy with the person that your are, which helps you to be the best of yourself and to treat & love your partner the way you want to be treated. Last but not least it builds up one of the strongest bonds for a relationship by teaching you to communicate, to trust and to belief on a daily basis.

Listening to Will talking about his relationship to Allie and how they have overcome most part of their long-distance relationship literally gave me goosebumps. They both are planning their future together, while being separated and only being able to see each other occasionally. But what’s most important to them is their love, trust, and belief in god. And that is exactly how he was planning on proposing to Allie.

They both love to take long walks together in the beautiful Highland Park, where you can smell flowers blooming & hear ducks splashing in the water around this time of the year. And this was perfect for what he had in mind for this special day.

Allie had no idea that Will was coming into town that weekend. She was planning on having dinner with some of her friends, while her sister was picking her up from work, to get ready & have some drinks before they would meet with everyone.

We arrived about 45 min early to ensure nobody was taking over the cute little bench next to a picture-perfect tree that Will had picked out for his proposal. (While Will was showing us this place with extreme excitement, we noticed a little, shiny metal sign in the middle of the bench saying the words “MARRY ME” – that was a sign!)

Douglas sat down on our picnic blanket with Dale Carnegie’s masterpiece “How to win friends and influence people” (which deserves a better title like “How to treat others the way you would like to be treated”), while I was sitting on a bench with some water & a book about 5 golden rules in a relationship. The next 45 minutes felt like forever. I think it was one of the hottest days this year, while the excitement was growing with every minute that passed by.

Finally, a car pulled up. No, two cars. And a family comes out, ready to take a walk in the park. False alarm. But then not long there after, THE car arrived. An absolute gorgeous blond lady got out of the car, wearing a super cute pink dress. I almost forgot, I had to pretend I was reading my book…

Will took Allie for a little walk while letting her know that he wanted to surprise her with being at the dinner with her friends (which also was still part of a greater plan). They both walked over to the little bench, sat down while overlooking the beautiful lake.

I saw them talking, giggling, and just spending some intimate alone-time with each other.

Meanwhile, I was hiding my camera behind my book, ready to jump off my seat and capturing Wills planned proposal…. And there it was.

Will got up off the bench, holding Allie’s hand and pulling her carefully underneath the tree. First surprised and wondering what Will was having in mind, slowly, Allie realized what was happening. Will got down on his knee, pulled out the little ring box with a sparkling diamond ring, and popped the question “Will you marry me?”

It was such a special moment for us to witness and capture for them both, that we will never forget!!!

We added a little mini-engagement session for Allie & Will to capture some more intimate moments.

But then it was time for them both to head to their “dinner plans”. We said our “goodbyes”, went to our cars and then headed our way to Cold Beer Co in Deep Ellum, where all of their families and friends were waiting with a beautifully decorated little welcoming party.

The cute patio was filled with so much joy & laughter when Allie and Will came around the corner and everybody was celebrating the newly engaged couple.

Allie & Will, it was such an honor to capture your special day and we hope to see you both in the near future!!! From the bottom of our hearts we wish you all the best for a lifetime filled with love & happiness.



“We loved working with Luisa and her husband! They were so encouraging, friendly, and fun to be with. They shot our proposal and did a fantastic job! They even gave us a few Polaroids at the after party which was such a fun gift!”


“Allie and I loved using Luisa and Douglas as our photographers to capture our special proposal! It was so exciting to have them as a part of our special moment! They did a great job on being accommodating and relieved me to just focus on popping the question. They were so thoughtful about paying attention to our story and what mattered most to us! They were as excited as we were about the pictures and they did a great job of delivering the product to us extremely quick! The value was excellent and the price was fair, would definitely use them again.”


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