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Unicorns Do Exist

Do you all know the popular youtube video about the hot-crazy matrix? No??? Here is the link:

Hot-Crazy Matrix

I remember exactly when Douglas came home one day, while I was visiting him from Germany, and he had this spark in his eyes… Determined to show me this video! First, I thought it was just super silly, but to being honest, there is a little bit of a truth in these lines.

I know in fact that I have reached the Crazy line a “few” times and I am far from being perfect… But everyday I am trying to show Douglas all the love I have, to make him feel super special, and to show him how grateful I am to have him in my life.

From the very first day we watched the Hot-Crazy Matrix video together, we were always joking about me being his unicorn… And even in our vows I promised Douglas to be the unicorn he has always been looking for… <3

Then, this year I wanted to plan a little birthday brunch with my girls – in the motto of a unicorn party. (The little girl inside of me) I begged Douglas for days (weeks!) to “surprise” me with a unicorn cake… I also reached out to the amazing ladies Susan & Naya from The PN Event to help decorate the tables at the Halcyon.

Last Saturday we got up early and ready for our photoshoot with Jaclyn & Jon (MyViewInHeels), when Douglas told me he would not be able to come with me because he would drop off his car at the dealership for some collision repair (whole other story…!). That morning is was pouring down like crazy and I was nervous Jaclyn would cancel our photoshoot, but she still picked me up. If she has something planned & on her mind I can trust her 100% it will be just fine. We drove over to her house to pick up Jon, and I also got to meet her sweet mom and see her brand-new house. Completetly distracted by all these new impressions I had no idea what was coming…

We got in the car and drove towards Grapevine Lake, where Jaclyn had a place in mind for the picnic photoshoot. We drove to the boat docks where we wanted to check out the location. I got out of the car with her to make sure the light was perfect down there (always my number 1 priority LOL).

Walking down the dock I noticed the two-level party boats Douglas and I always wanted to rent for a day in the summer. Then I noticed a familiar face (Douglas cousin) on one of the boats and thought “what a fun coincidence”. Out of nowhere everyone turned around and screamed “SURPRIIIISE” !!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I saw some of the girls I have met through my photography business, then I saw Douglas, it all did NOT add up for me… My first thought was “WOW! What a cute surprise for Jaclyn. I better get ready to take pictures of all these people” (LOL)!!!! Well, then I looked over to Jaclyn, noticed she was filming me with a huuuge smile on her face, looked back at Douglas, saw all the unicorn decorations & a UNICORN CAKE on the boat – it finally hit me…

This was all for ME! I am very self-conscious and never thought that all these amazing people were there for me, to celebrate my birthday. And still, I am completely speechless!

Douglas and his mom have been planning this surprise party for WEEKS. He asked his aunt Sally to make a unicorn cake & cakeballs, got all the cute decoration, asked Jaclyn to setup a “photoshoot” with me to get me out to the lake, thought of inviting all of my great friends that I have met over the past couple of years of living in Dallas…. <3

Now, I always thought I was the unicorn (more or less LOL), but I am pretty sure that I actually lucked out myself and have the unicorn right in front of me: Douglas. I knew from day one that we were meant to be together. There was this spark, a feeling I have never felt before, I looked into his eyes and knew he was the one. He has been surprising me every day since then, and till today never stopped. I am so very grateful for being able to live life with the most amazing man on earth and again promise to try my best to be a unicorn myself.

The morning of my birthday (4th of July) we got up early to meet with Susan & Naya at the Halcyon and started decorating the brunch table for our friends. I have first worked with these two ladies a few weeks ago and every time they just completely knock me off my feet! I cannot believe how wonderful Susan & Naya are, with how much passion they plan & style all different kinds of events (from weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc etc), and how much joy & happiness they bring into a room! In a heart beat I would book them for every event upcoming in the future!!! Be sure to check out their facebook and instragram profile.

Here are a few impressions from our super fun brunch with the best mimosas in Dallas (at the Halcyon)!!!

I am so thankful for everyone that made me feel so very special on my birthday this year! Nevertheless, my friends & family at home in Germany will always be missed and I thought of them every minute of the day!!!! I cannot wait to also celebrate with them in a couple of weeks!!!

“When someone once told me I live in a fantasy land, I almost fell off my unicorn” <3

This was my 28th birthday! I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer!!!




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