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3 Secrets To Bright & Airy Pictures

Hi friends! Many photographers have reached out to us, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with shooting and editing techniques, asking us the same question: How do you get such a consistent style? Today we share 3 secrets to achieve a bright & airy look with dreamy backgrounds and creamy skin tones for YOUR couples! Without any presets!

We know how hard it is to learn and develop a photography style. How and where do we shoot? How do we get consistency when the light, location, camera settings and our clients change at every session? Being frustrated, exhausted and unsatisfied with your results? Wasting money on different presets but none seem to work for you? Are you wondering if the editing process could ever be fun… ?

This will now change! Save your money! Have more valuable time! We developed a quick guide with 3 secrets that will change your shooting and editing forever. You will fall in love with editing again. Here are our secrets! Simple. Easy and enjoyable. Let’s get started.

1. Natural Light

Editing starts BEFORE your session! Educating your client about location and light is key. Then, try to shoot all of your sessions during either the first 2 hours of sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. We use the weather app or this website to look up the time of sunrise / sunset and then schedule all of our sessions during the best time of the day! The natural GLOW of the indirect sunlight will make all your pictures look so DREAMY. Position your couples in indirect and even light. Let the sun light up your couples from either the back or the side. And lastly, angle yourself (and your camera) 45 degrees away from the sunlight to prevent lens-flare.

2. High Aperture

Don’t worry, we will not get too technical here. But there are some simple tricks to get the dreamiest background for your pictures. We LOVE to shoot at the HIGHEST aperture possible. It allows more light to reach the sensor and it will create a greater depth of field (“Bokeh” / “Blurriness”). We set our cameras between f1.2 – 2.8 for couples / bride & groom sessions. The more people (and focal planes), the lower our aperture. In example, we will set our aperture around f2.8 for small groups (positioned in 1 row), and between f5.6 – 8.0 for larger groups (2 rows or more) to get everyone in focus.

3. Consistent Editing

Once you nail your lighting and camera settings, the editing process now becomes so much easier! Here are the simple 6 steps we work through for every picture:

  1. Bump up your shadows and blacks: This will immediately brighten up your image.
  2. Increase the exposure: Be careful that you don’t wash out the whites too much.
  3. Decrease highlights and whites: Recover the whites by slightly decreasing the highlights & whites.
  4. Tone Curve: To bring back a little bit of “pop” and “contrast”, slightly increase the lights and decrease the shadows and possibly highlights.
  5. White Balance: Keep your eye on the skin tones while adjusting the white balance until your client’s skin looks soft and natural.
  6. Individual Colors: Last but not least adjust some of the greens, yellows and oranges by slightly decreasing the saturation and increasing the luminance.

These 6 steps can be applied to any set of photos that are shot in the same light and camera settings. It saves time and creates consistency.

After following all these 3 secrets, you will be shocked how much you and especially your couples will LOVE their pictures!!! We cannot wait to see your results and share more photography secrets with you soon!


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