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5 Secrets For Timeless Husband & Wife Portraits

Oh we are so excited to start our blog series about our Secrets On How To Photograph A Wedding – from all the Details to the Grant Exit. As wedding photographers you not only have to know & rock lighting and your camera settings but you are a landscape (ie. venue shots), product (ie. details), senior (ie. bride and groom individuals), family (ie. bridal party, family portraits), couple (ie. bride and groom portraits), and event photographer (ie. ceremony and reception) at the same time. We all wear many heads and there is typically not a lot of time to think about technical things on a wedding day.

We spend hours researching and putting together lists on how to capture all the different events on a wedding day but were never able to find it all in one place. That is why we wanted to share all of our Secrets with you. To save your time and focus what we all do best. Capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Here is our all of our Secrets On How To Photograph A Wedding

Bride & Groom and Husband & Wife Portraits

Our absolute favorite time of a wedding day! Two people. Crazy in love. Getting married to one another. That is why we incorporate enough time on the wedding day timelines allowing for intimate, romantic and joyful moments for our brides and grooms.

Here are our big 5 Secrets for timeless bride and groom as well husband and wife portraits.

1. Time

As you know from our previous post, we love first looks! It gives brides and grooms such a special moment without any distractions. We will take some individual bridal and groom portraits and take some pictures together moments before they are getting married! In addition to this time, we always incorporate 30-60 min of husband and wife portraits during the golden hour!!! These photos will be a reminder of their unbreakable bond and printed all over their home. Which is why we will try to shoot these pictures in the best light of the wedding day! To make all of our husband and wife pictures extra dreamy, we set our aperture between f 1.4 – 2.8 and try to pose them in back/side-light. Our couples LOVE these special moments and the GLOW.

2. The Dress

One of the biggest differences from engagement or anniversary sessions is the wedding gown on a wedding day. Our brides love everything between flowy, tulle skirts and long lacy trains, or traditional ball gowns! Every dress is so stunning and unique in it’s own way. Which is why we will pay extra attention and pictures of all the pretty details. But also remember that it takes some extra time to set up your couple in a pose and draping the beautiful trains around them. Grooms are usually a little scared to step onto the dress, which is why we educate them about just lifting up the train and tucking their feet underneath to be able to get as close as possible to their beautiful bride. This trick also helps with bridal party and family portraits.

3. The Veil

We LOVE veils. There are so many creative and playful shots you can create for your bride & groom.

  1. Bridals
    1. Drape the veil around their shoulders to capture the beautiful details and flatter every body.
    2. Drape the veil over your brides’ face to create a soft, bright & airy look.
  2. Bride & Groom
    1. Veil wrapping around your bride and groom. This creates such a cute and dreamy look! An all-time favorite for our brides. Have your second shooter, or a bridesmaids or family member help you wrapping the veil in a horseshoe around your couple. Try to position them in an angle with back/side-light and catch a little bit of wind to get beautiful airy pictures.
    2. Veil over your bride & groom. You can shoot this pose from two angles. From the outside, or getting underneath the veil with your bride and groom. These pictures are so intimate and sweet and often end up as one of our teasers.
    3. Veil toss. Have your second shooter or a guest help you toss the veil in the air, while you put your bride & groom in an epic pose. Count to three. Toss the veil. And shoot away.

4. The Flowers

Fresh and breathtaking flowers. From the boutonnieres to bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. We love all the blooms! We will try to incorporate the flowers as much as we can to show off the beautiful color palettes of the day and give an extra pop in the bride & groom portraits.

  1. Bridals
    1. Bouquet on belly-button. A traditional and timeless portrait.
    2. Bouquet resting in elbow. Sweet and fine-art.
    3. Raise bouquet in the air. Joyful and fun.
  2. Bride & Groom
    1. Holding bouquet in front hand.
    2. Resting bouquet on grooms’ shoulder. We love how this accentuates our bride and groom portraits, Especially when the veil is wrapped around our couples as well.
    3. Groom holding bouquet during twirls and walking. Let’s be honest. Bridal bouquets can get super heavy. Give your brides a break and hand the bouquets to your grooms for any “movement” pictures. It will give an extra pop and your brides can play with their gowns while twirling and walking hand in hand with their grooms.

5. Praise & Love

No different from any other session, we will LOVE on our bride and groom from the first minute to the last moment of their wedding day. Make your couples, families, friends, and all guests feel loved and serve them with a smile all day. We will do anything to make everyone feel and be treated the way we would want to be treated. We praise, encourage, and compliment. This is the day they have dreamed off their entire life. So make it the best experience. And make them shine and glow in their wedding pictures by loving on them!



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