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Adventurous Engagement Session In Colorado

Oh my goodness! Do we have an EPIC adventure to share with you guys, and we are pretty sure you will instantly fall in love with it as much as we did!

Day 1.

Our journey started at 3 am. We met at the airport. Actually in the breakfast line for coffee. We all knew we would need a lot of that this weekend. As soon as the plane left the ground, all four of us fell asleep. Snuggled into our cozy sweaters & jackets. Dreaming about the adventures ahead. Little did we know, some of our wildest dreams were about to come true!

Woozie. Dizzy. Shaky hands. Wobbly legs (think baby giraffe). We made it. A wild drive up to the highest paved road in North America to Mount Evans. 14,130 feet. Literally on top of the world. At one point or another, we all felt the impacts of altitude sickness. Luckily we arrived early and had some time to eat almost all of our snacks, play with mountain goats, pass out in the car, chat about life, and prepare for our hike. Step by step. Carefully maneuvering the rocky switchbacks. Shivering as the wind chill dropped the temperatures below anything we prepared for. Out of nowhere. 360 degree views of mountains, and right in the middle, Jackie & Jonathan, cuddling together in a “warm” blanket. Dancing in the sunset. Snuggling together on the cliff. Staring into eternity. Into their future. How could this get any better?

Day 2.

2 am. After a short night rest or power nap. A couple hours of driving north through the mountains, and a few granola bars later. We prepared for another hike. Carefully. Headlamps and LED lights guiding us on the trail. Up the mountain. Somewhat short of breath, maybe this time because of the excitement. Slowly the sky started to wake up. The sun peaking over the horizon. Our steps getting faster. One more right turn. We made it. Our jaws dropped. Dream Lake. A dream come true. Colored in bright yellow & orange from the most breathtaking sunrise. Surrounded by majestic trees. Snuggling, giggling, full of love, in the most epic place on earth.

Where Dreams Come True.

Day 3.

4 am. We got to sleep in! Better yet, there was one granola bar left for each of us, and a few chips! We were ready for our last adventure on this trip. Red Rocks. Capturing sweet moments of pure happiness. By now, we all knew, we had found friends for life, and we could not love these two more!!!

Jackie & Jonathan, we cannot say it enough, this trip has been one of the most amazing adventures we have ever been on! We fell in love with you two during our coffee date a few months back, but this weekend seriously took our breath away! Thank you for trusting us! Thank you for being so adventurous. Thank you for overcoming all of cold early mornings and late nights. Most importantly, thank you for just being AMAZING! We love you guys! To the highest mountain peak in the world and back! We SO cannot wait for your wedding day! And our next adventure together…!


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