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Blush Wedding At The Nest At Ruth Farms

“A part of God’s plan.”

God has a specific plan and a perfect timing for all of us. God’s plans are good. We have to trust in His purposes. His will. And His timing.

Sarah & Jacob are one of the most inspiring couples we have ever met. Not only is their unconditional love for one another is just undeniable. But their faith. Is. Unshakable.

Stepping into the unknown can be very challenging. But Sarah & Jacob always had faith and trusted in God that every new and unfamiliar adventure was a part of His great plan. When they both became neighbors. When Duke (the fur-baby) took the first steps into Sarah’s heart (and apartment) to break the ice between neighbors. That become boyfriend and girlfriend. When new job opportunities made all three move across the country. When Jacob planned his surprise proposal. And now starting their greatest adventure yet: Becoming Husband & Wife.

” We are both at our happiest when we are together.”

Sarah & Jacob always have a big smile from ear to ear. No matter where. No matter what. As long as they are together. Trying new things. New adventures. Together. With love and faith. That we cannot get enough of! “God is the light.” [1 JOHN 1:5]. And His light is shining right through YOU both!

Sarah & Jacob, thank you for shining so bright!!! Thank you for being His light and inspiration for us and the world. It was such an honor to capture your undeniable glow and LOVE!!! We hope that these pictures will always remind you of your happiness. Your love. Your faith. His plan. And that the impossible is possible – in all the adventures to come!!!


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