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Destination Engagement Session In Greece

Who is ready for another destination session in Santorini? Our hearts could simply explode sharing today’s blog post about our recent engagement session with Caro & Jonas in Oia!!!

Caro and I grew up together. We met in high-school. Lived 2 minutes walking-distance away from each other. Went through some major ups and downs. Nothing will ever tear us apart. And even though long distance friendships are very difficult, we always try to make each other a priority. From early breakfasts to late and sleepless nights. Since I moved to the US our time together may have become less frequent but they also have become more intense whenever we are together.

So when I started telling Caro about our upcoming trip to Santorini to capture Kristi & Brandon’s Anniversary Session there was a second of silence of the phone. And then it hit us. “Let’s plan a vacation together!” But even better. This was the perfect opportunity to celebrate Caro and Jonas engagement! To capture their engagement pictures in one of the most epic places on earth! And that’s exactly what we did… We spend an amazing time together. With tons of Gyros, french fries, tzatziki, good (and terrible) wine, and more sleepless nights…!

Caro and Jonas, your engagement session was a dream come true. But more so was spending such an unforgettable time with you. Being able to brunch for hours, walking through tiny alleyways, exploring little villages and wineries, driving on and off-road, riding and pushing ATVs, and just hanging out together in the beautiful islands of Greece. Thank you for always being up for an adventure. We are so excited for the next one: Your Wedding Day in July!!! We love you so much and cannot wait to make more memories together!!!


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