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Destination Engagement Session In Morocco

Is this even real? We still wake up and cannot believe the unforgettable trip that we took just a few short weeks ago! You may recognize Nicole & Chad from their once-in-a-lifetime proposal on the runway in NYC! It gives us goosebumps every time we watch!

We meet Nicole and Chad during their engagement session here in Dallas. And who would have known this session would turn into one of our wildest adventures yet! We felt an instant connection with Nicole and Chad. Learning how they met, just like us, in a place where you would least expect to find your soulmate: Las Vegas. However, unlike us, it was not love at first sight for Nicole and Chad. Instead, she cracked a tooth and was introduced to a handsome dentist. This is where their love story began.

At the time, Nicole was traveling the world modeling while living in Paris so they stayed in touch through text messages and video calls. When she came back to the US for Thanksgiving, they both started dating.

During the day, you can find Nicole walking the runway, while Chad is making every smile brighter at his dental practice. At night, they enjoy intense video game battles, and during their free time, you can find these two traveling the world! And that is exactly how they fell in love with each other. During a 5 week Euro trip. “We visited 12 countries and 22 cities. On that trip that I knew he was my person forever.” As a reminder of their unconditional love. A ruby was added to Nicole’s custom engagement ring representing the month of July, when they fell in love with each other. Kissing the main diamond above.

During Nicole & Chad’s engagement session in Dallas we talked about their next big adventure: Europe & Africa. Their secret dream of having engagement pictures taken in the Sahara Desert sand dunes. Our heart’s literally melted. It was a dream come true for us as well! Not just because it was the SAHARA DESERT. Or because we love to TRAVEL for our couples (#luisassecretbrides). But because of you both, Nicole and Chad! The excitement in your eyes. Dreaming about your  future. Your smiles. And your laughter (especially when Luisa trips and falls over her own feet). But seriously. We saw so much of ourselves in you. Because you both believe in the magic of the moment. Creating Unforgettable experiences. Together. As a couple, and soon as husband and wife. We love that so much about you guys.

Needless to say a couple days later, our trip was booked!

“It was a dream come true. 

On the edge of the world with you.”

From the craziness while walking the tiny alleyways in Marrakech. Over drinking sweet mint tea. Eating lamb, chicken, and beef tagines. Every. Day. Endless beauty of playful tiles. Breathtaking views driving through the Atlas mountains. Gracious locals. Letting Douglas borrow their shoes (#dresscode). Talking with wild goats (#baaaah). Tasting Argon Oil Nutella. Learning how to make colorful rugs and carpets. Digging for fossils. Sweating in the car (#noAC). To being in aww with the Sahara Desert. No words will ever do it justice. Riding camels through endless waves of sand dunes while the sun sets over the horizon. And us right in the middle. Capturing your love. Documenting what you love the most. Each other. And a moment so special. Reflecting how you fell in love last July. How you are crazy in love this June. And how you cannot wait to be forever in love next April.

We thank you both from the top and bottom of our hearts for letting us witness your love. We thank you for giving us the privilege to document your story for you, your family, and friends, for many generations to come. Inspiring couples in the US, Europe, Africa, and all the places your hearts will take you to! We cannot wait to witness and capture more of these adventures with you! Especially your next one: Becoming husband and wife!!!

Until then: We love you to Morocco and back!


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