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Dreamy Almond Blossom Anniversary Session In Woodland, CA

A dreamy fairytale. Capturing Annie & Jame’s anniversary session in the Almond Blossoms. Patience. Something we had to have for months while waiting for the breathtaking almond blossoms to fully bloom. Anticipation. To finally meet Annie & James and to capture their once-in-a-lifetime pictures. Joy. Sparking in every single cell of our body while watching Annie & James dancing through the beautiful blossoms. True Love. Between the most beautiful souls. Inspiration. To all the couples out there including ourselves. There are so many more words that come to our mind describing our weekend trip to Woodland, California and spending the most incredible couple of days with Annie and James.

It is not often that you meet people in life that you feel an instant connection with. You know what they are thinking. Dreaming. Envisioning. Couples that have gone through the same ups and downs in life. Understanding each others stories. Feeling like you have known each other in forever. But when we met Annie & James it was like looking into a beautiful mirror. We both have met our soulmates at a time in our lives that we least expected it. We build a strong bond while growing closer together in long distance relationships. Having not only one but two weddings – because our families live in different parts of the world… but let’s be honest, also because we are just crazy in love with weddings…! Celebrating each milestone of our relationships. The deep desire of capturing special moments together. All over the world. And even our shared love for everything pink, sparkly, tulle and DREAMY!!!! 🙂

Annie and James, words cannot describe meeting and getting to know you in the most magical place in the world. We were blown away. Not only by the beauty of the almond blossoms. But by your love for one another. You guys are truly an inspiration. Your love-story is a fairytale that we feel so honored to have captured for you!!! Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives! We cannot wait to explore more magical places with you – hopefully very soon 🙂


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