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Dreamy Anniversary Session In Fort Worth Texas

Contagious giggles! Lindsay and Brandon never stop smiling. And we love it! We can still hear their giggly voices looking back at this dreamy session from this past week!

Not only were we honored to take Lindsay and Brandon’s FIRST pictures since their wedding day almost three years ago, but we also took them back to where they FIRST met! In collage. They have been inseparable sweethearts since the first day Brandon asked Lindsay to help her with an assignment. They fell in love. Are now husband and wife. And business partners.

Anniversary sessions are the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of all the milestones in our relationships over the past year(s). Celebrating your love! Every year you can look back at the ups and downs. A chance to remember the GLOW that you feel for one another and around each other. And these two were glowing! Not only because of the magical golden light that we got to witness during the sunset. But even more so, because of their dedication, passion and achievements over the past year! Starting their own wedding photography business. And they are ROCKING it. That’s why we could not resist when Lindsay and Brandon offered to snap a few pictures for us as well! Check out their blog post here. And we had such a blast together!!!

“The Glow You Feel For One Another.”

Lindsay and Brandon, thank you so much trusting us with your anniversary pictures. We LOVED giggling with you behind, and in front, of the camera!!! The way you glow around each other is just everything. We just adore you both. We¬†wish you all the best for your business – we know it’s going to be GREAT!!! We hope these pictures serve to celebrate YOUR story, YOUR journey, as husband and wife. And as an incredible team on both sides of the camera!!!



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