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Dreamy Golden Hour Engagement Session In Fort Worth

One thing that we love so much about our photography journey is, that no sessions ever feel the same. And we are not talking about all the different places we get to travel to and explore or the temperature changes throughout the different seasons of the year… We are just so grateful about meeting different couples, learning more about their stories, and getting to know them during our coffee dates, and especially during engagement sessions! We LOVE creating unbreakable bonds and friendships with our #luisassecretcouples!!! And every session brings us so much joy and excitement (as well as SORE cheeks & abs from laughing so much)!!!

This is exactly what happened with Elise and Dominic. We instantly fell in love with their warm hearts and souls when we had our initial skype double date a few weeks back. And from there we couldn’t wait to spend more time together during their engagement session. Both have never really been in front of a professional camera before. But who would have known! They not only showed up in the most beautiful outfits and could be spokesmodels for our engagement style guide, that we send to all of our #luisassecretbrides… But they totally ROCKED the entire session with the biggest smiles and cutest giggle kisses. All while hopping through the fields like they would do this every day (and in HEELS)!!! WOW! We could not believe our eyes. We loved every single second of capturing such beautiful and passionate love between two souls. And we left so inspired!!!

Seriously, Elise and Dominic, you two could not have been any sweeter and more fun!!! Every moment we spent together got us even more excited for your wedding day at La Cour this September!!! We hope that it may cool off a little until then… And that the bubble machines will be fully charged for some unforgettable pictures on your big day! Thank you both again for braving the summer heat with us!!! Big hugs (this time not sweaty) to you both! We hope you love these images as much as we do. Counting down the days until your wedding…!


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