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Dreamy Maternity Session In Fort Worth

Over the past few years we have been so blessed to meet such beautiful souls (inside and out!) and tell unique and inspiring love stories. We have created unbreakable friendships and value our time together. With our new friends. Last year we met Bethany and Matt (and their puppy Sammy) to capture family pictures for the holidays. And now, exactly one year later, they are off to their greatest adventure yet: Parenthood. Bethany and Matt are expecting their FIRST baby. A GIRL.

We are not sure if it was their pure joy and excitement for their little baby girl or the breathtaking sunset that made these THREE just GLOW. You would have no idea looking at the photos that a cold front came in that Friday afternoon. Bethany and Matt were such troopers in the cool winds and made this field look better than EVER!!! We loved every minute of it. Watching couples like these two, growing into a family of their own, is one of the greatest pleasures and privileges given to us. It reminds us of how blessed we are to meet kind and genuine couples and capture their LOVE for one another. And this baby is one of the LUCKIEST girls to have such loving and caring people as her parents.

Bethany and Matt, we loved freezing time for you last weekend and being able to capture such a special season of your life! You are going to be the best parents and we cannot wait to welcome your little baby girl to the world!!! We hope that every time you will be looking back at these photos you will remember the excitement and joy before holding Savannah in your arms for the very first time. We love you guys!!!


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