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Dreamy Wedding At Artspace 111

This past weeks wedding left us speechless on so many levels.

Just a few months ago we received a heartfelt email, filled with so much love and hope. And. Faith.

Everything in life happens for a reason.

We all have many things to be grateful for. And some we just don’t really understand, oftentimes out of our control, but they are preparing us for bigger challenges in life that God knows we can overcome. Together.

When Raquel told us about her dad’s health, we were reminded of how precious life is, and that every moment you spend with your family and friends is so very important. And that’s exactly what Raquel & Todd’s engagement session and wedding day was all about. Spending time together. Making memories. And having these memories captured. To never forget these special moments. To share them with generations.

Little tears were rolling down her cheek. Tears of joy. Holding his hand. Listening to his words. Of love. Courage. Wisdom. Words that will never be forgotten. Hands that have carried her. Hands that caught her when she fell. Hands that are about to lead to down the aisle. Hands that he is about to pass on to someone else. To love. Respect. And to cherish. A moment filled with so many emotions. Joy and laugh. Fears and worries. But all that matters is love and faith. Wiping away the happy tears. Raquel and her dad are sharing one of the most important hugs. Grateful for being together. Watching his little girl become a wife.

Raquel and Todd, our hearts could explode. And our eyes tear up looking back at your wedding day. We are beyond grateful for being able to capture these precious moments for you. We hope these will be forever a reminder of your true love. For one another. And your families.


Venue: @artspace111events

Make-Up: @southernveils

Hair: @xhairbyjessiebx

Dress: @langsbridal

Shoes: @badgleymischka

Cake: @unrefinedbakery

Photo: @luisas.secret


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