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Engagement Session At The Lumen Room In Fort Worth

One of the things we love the most about all of our #luisassecretcouples and #luisassecretbrides is that they LOVE natural light just as much as we do!!! The last few weeks have been kind of grey, cold and nasty not only here in Dallas but almost all over the US. Which is why we always watch the weather forecast to be prepared for rescheduling or figuring out a Plan B. Early AM thunderstorms and a massive cloud coverage with possible showers did not seem to be the best conditions for Lisa & TJ’s engagement session last Saturday. Don’t get us wrong. We LOVE to actually shoot during a little bit of a cloud coverage, and even some rain makes for the most cuddly & romantic pictures, but whenever we “can control” the circumstances we would always prefer to get our couples the most dreamy light possible. That is exactly why we decided together to book the Lumen Room in Fort Worth for Lisa & TJ’s engagement pictures. The Lumen Room is a natural light studio, but it is like no other. The light is undeniably PERFECT! They even have some props & furniture to make any session POP. And did we mention that our couples also LOVE all the little DETAILS???

Lisa and TJ brought ballons. And not only that. They wanted to capture some moments that reminded them of the favorite part of their days. Snuggling up on the couch, watching Basketball and eating some popcorn. They had us at POPCORN! (Did we mention we are all about FOOD?!) They snuggled, they laughed, they fed each other, they tried to toss & catch popcorn with each other, and we couldn’t help it but smile and giggle behind our cameras. We met Lisa for her 30th birthday portrait session almost 2 years ago and since then were addicted to her genuine smiles. But seeing her now, with TJ, magically making her smile even bigger, the sparkles in her eyes even more sparkly just made our hearts so full of joy and happiness.

Lisa and TJ, thank you for reminding us of what true love is all about! It is not always about dressing up, going out for dinner, traveling the world… It is the little things that are important for relationships. Spending quality time. Hanging out on the couch. Just making each other smile. You two deserve nothing but the best and we cannot wait to watch you guys become husband and wife in just a few months!!!

We love you to the basket ball court and back! 😉


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