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Grapevine Lake Maternity & Family Session

A cold breeze rushed through. The sun peeking over the trees, warming us up. He was wrapped in a cozy blanket. Mom’s hand on the left. Daddy’s hand on the right. Water rushing against the pier. Then, a sound unfamiliar to our ears. Not English. Not German. No matter what was being said, he giggled, stretching out his little tongue to his dad. Laughing. Giving us the biggest smile. Each word, although unknown to us. Revealed a special message.

Miran and Aaron have such warm hearts, that filled the cool wind during our photo session. Aaron, holding their son Ezra close. Making him feel comfortable. Miran, carrying one of the most precious gifts in the world. Another baby boy. We connected with you guys in so many ways from the very moment we all met. Aaron grew up in Las Vegas, where Douglas and my love story began. As a family, they live two cultures. Speak two languages. Both English and Korean. All while fulfilling their dream of living together. As a family.

When the time comes for me and Douglas to be parents, we will look back at this moment when we were able to photograph two inspirational parents and their little boy. Miran and Aaron, thank you both letting us in, to witness your love, dedication and patience. Key ingredients for every relationship. Especially for family. We are excited for the beginning of next year. When your second baby boy will be born. And we get to see you guys again. As a family of four.



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