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Grapevine Lake Maternity Session

Everyone knows how much we love LOVE! As wedding photographers we are so blessed to capture our couples’ loves stories from the moment they get engaged, their adventure of becoming husband and wife, all the way to one of the most beautiful seasons in life. Parenthood.

The bible tells us that all children are a gift from God. Children see the world from a different perspective. They bring us joy. Patience. Forgiveness. Love. And Faith.
In today’s world everything is moving very fast. If we want something to eat, we pick it up in the drive-through. If we need groceries, we order them online and have them delivered to our front door – on the same day. If we want to see our loved ones, we make a video-call. But finding love and having a family is something that requires time. Mindfulness. Appreciation. And Faith. We should remind ourselves daily to trust in God’s plan and his timing. To be grateful for what we have. While giving to others. To make this world a better place.

Meeting Michelle and Ian reminded us of the special gift that maternity holds. Two people that God has brought together. To become one as husband and wife. And to start a family of their own.

Michelle and Ian, we are so excited for you to start this amazing chapter of your lives. Even though we only got to play a very small part in your love story, we hope that these pictures will remind you of the most precious gift that has been handed to you!!! We loved to be able capture these special moments for you and cannot wait for you meet your sweet baby boy!!!


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