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Highland Park Family Holiday Session

She gave me a shy smile. Grabbed her moms hand. We started walking. The wind was blowing through the trees. Golden sunlight shimmering throughout. Orange leaves. Fall had arrived. The park was filled with laughter. As we slowly neared the water. Surrounded by grass covered by colorful leaves. Leaves that just had fallen from the trees. There they were. Full of excitement. Happiness. Running through the grass. Throwing the leaves up in the air. Laughing. Playing. Just enjoying life.

Marylin Rose and Bella are two of the most adorable children we have ever met. Their smiles are contagious. Sarah and Daniel, wife and husband, their proud parents, kind and beautiful, inside and out!!! They are so fun, so caring and loving. Blown away by their love for their girls, and their passion for one another, we were so thankful to spend some time together, capturing beautiful moments like these.

As adults, we sometimes forget to appreciate the simple things. The morning sunrise that warms up our hearts. The rain fall that waters the trees and flowers giving them strength to grow stronger. Fall, that brings all the beautiful colors to life. Covering the grass with a beautiful blanket of leaves, preparing nature for winter. And those leaves may brighten up someone’s day. Like it did for Marylin Rose and her little sister Bella. From the moment we arrived, they forgot the world around us. All that mattered was the fun and appreciation of the moment. This reminded that those are the things that matter the most.

Sarah and Daniel, you both are rockstars! Thank you for not only allowing us to capture these special moments for you. But also thank you for raising two amazing girls that are already an inspiration to others.

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