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Historical Courthouse Wedding In Cologne, Germany

Her voice was quavering. Eyes sparkling. Looking at the love of her life. The joyful sound of her voice. Together, describing every ice-cold snow flake covering the mountains. The sun glare over the horizon. The smell of Kaiserschmarrn filling up the air. Hot chocolate warming up their hands. While feeling their hearts,  beating out their chests. They both knew it. This is forever.

Who would not fall in love while being consumed in the beautiful backdrop of the Austrian Alps??? But something else happened that day. Two people, from two different places, met and fell in love. It was not easy. Phone calls, text messages, long days and weeks without seeing each other. Waiting. Patiently. For the day they could be together. Stephi and Tobi are the most loving and caring people. Always taking others first. Always spreading joy and happiness around. A miracle brought both together. And now both making their dream come true. We could not be more proud to call Stephi and Tobi two of our best friends. I am so grateful for being able to fly back to Germany. To stand by her side during their courthouse wedding. To hold her hand right before the ceremony. To see the excitement in her eyes. Ready to marry the love of her life.

Their sweet marriage. An intimate ceremony. As if that was not the most special gift in the world. Something else happened. A cold front came in. Magically turning the first Advent. Their first Advent as husband and wife. Into a winter wonderland. Snow, covering the trees. Sun, warming up their hearts. They both knew it. This was meant to be.

Stephi and Tobi. I am tearing up writing this. You both have the most special place in our hearts. We are so very grateful for our friendship! THANK you for letting us be a part of your life. For trusting us to capture your love. For trusting us to tell your story. Your story makes us believe. Fairytales do exist.

We cannot wait for your winter wonderland wedding in Austria next March!!! <3


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