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Classic Wedding at The Hotel Crescent Court

“They are no longer two, but one flesh. What God has joined together, let no one separate.”
[Matthew 19:6]

Rachael and Ty’s love story is one of a kind. When they both least expected, God’s timing was perfect. They met on a missions trip. Through Ty’s persistence (and little bit of stalking, what their friends and family say :)) and Rachael’s confidence, they both feel deeply in love with one another. When no one thought their relationship could last, while dating across the country, miles and miles apart, their faith and love only continued to grow. When hard times came, they prayed together. When they experienced good times, they valued their time and made sure to enjoy all of the moments to the fullest. When she said YES but a world pandemic put their wedding date on hold, they made a commitment to one another. They started their journey TOGETHER, knowing that the Lord has a greater plan for them. And as one wise man said during their wedding: Rachael & Ty’s wedding day might have been delayed. But it was still holy.

Throughout the entire day, we could feel the love and joy of their families and friends. We witness selflessness and care. But most importantly felt God’s presence at all time. Because, when people of God gather together, He will be right there.

Rachael and Ty. We are lost for words on how beautiful and special your wedding day was. It was the greatest honor to be a part of your family & friends for just one day. To capture your faith and love. To laugh and cry with you (behind our cameras). We have so much love for you and hope that these photos will be a forever reminder of your unconditional love for the Lord and each other. As husband and wife.

We’d love to quote a bible verse, that your grandfather put into his own, sweet words, after being married for 60 years (and still going strong):

“Love is very patient and kind. Love is never jealous or envious. Love is never boastful or proud. Love is never selfish or rude, or even demands it’s own way. Love is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and hardly even notices when others do wrong. If you really love someone, if you are always loyal to that person, no matter what it costs. You will always believe in that person. Always expect the best of that person and always stand your ground and defending the person that you love.
Faith. Hope. Love. The greatest of these is love. Of course that’s because God is LOVE.”

[Corinthians 13:4-8]

Now, get some tissue paper, and scroll through these photos with us! 🙂

Venue: @mycrescentwedding 
Design & Planning: 
Photography: @luisa.and.douglas 
Videography: @mikaellenfilms 
Makeup: @makeupbykristaann 
Ceremony & Reception Floral: 
Bouquets & Boutonnières: @katiebugblooms 
DJ: @leforcedj


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