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How To Nail Detail Shots

Oh we are so excited to start our blog series about our Secrets On How To Photograph A Wedding – from all the Details to the Grant Exit. As wedding photographers you not only have to know & rock lighting and your camera settings but you are a landscape (ie. venue shots), product (ie. details), senior (ie. bride and groom individuals), family (ie. bridal party, family portraits), couple (ie. bride and groom portraits), and event photographer (ie. ceremony and reception) at the same time. We all wear many heads and there is typically not a lot of time to think about technical things on a wedding day.

We spend hours researching and putting together lists on how to capture all the different events on a wedding day but were never able to find it all in one place. That is why we wanted to share all of our Secrets with you. To save your time and focus what we all do best. Capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Here is our all of our Secrets On How To Photograph A Wedding

How To Nail Detail Shots

Everyone LOVES details! But remember, your couples are getting married and are planning their wedding for the FIRST time in their lives. You are the expert! That is why we educate them about what we do and send a list of detail items to all of our brides. We ask them put everything together in a little box for us on their wedding day. That way we can start as soon as we get to the venue. And here is what the Detail List looks like:

  • Stationery: Save the date cards, invitations, vow books, menu, timeline or other stationery
  • Flowers: Bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, a few extra greens and blooms from the florist
  • Bridal Details:
    • ALL wedding day jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelets, hair comb etc.)
    • ALL THREE rings: engagement, his wedding band, your wedding band
    • Perfume bottle(s)
    • Wedding dress (incl. decorative hanger) / veil / shoes / garter
    • Bridesmaids dress(es)
  • Groom details: cufflinks, bow tie/tie, belt, watch, cologne, shoes

We also ask our brides or reach out to their florist directly for some extra greens & blooms to give the extra pop for detail shots. They usually love the idea, especially since we share the full gallery with all of our vendors afterwards.

Last but not least, we have put together our own little Detail Box that includes styling boards, silk ribbon, ring boxes, perfume bottles and confetti. Our brides love the SPARKLE! It’s an investment at first but your brides will LOVE it.

Start Big And Go Small

Decorate your styling board with all the stationery, add the rings and jewelry, the perfume bottle, and shoes. Then give the extra pop with blooms, greenery and some ribbon. This will give extra dimension and depth while showing off all the beautiful colors of the day. From there we will start removing item by item. Until we are ready to take individual pictures of the shoes, the jewelry, and the rings.


Even though we love to shoot at high apertures we try to shoot our lay flats between f4.0 – 5.6 to get all the details in focus. Once we are switching to ring shots we will play with apertures between f2.8 – 5.6 depending on the diamond’s shape and size. We will focus on the prong or diamond closest to the camera to create just mild blurriness of other jewelry or the background.

Adjustment Brush

In order to get the ultimate sparkle & bling of the diamond we will decrease the saturation and increase clarity and sharpness of the diamond in the engagement ring. Bling!


We know it is difficult to be under time and creative pressure on wedding days. That is why we highly suggest to practice lay flats and detail shots at home! We all have some cards, shoes, jewelry and perfume bottles at home. Start doing this daily. Once you feel more confident keep practicing every once in a while. Remember Gladwell’s saying: 10,000 hours of practice are needed to become world-class in any field.


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