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How To Take Timeless Getting Ready Pictures

Oh we are so excited to start our blog series about our Secrets On How To Photograph A Wedding – from all the Details to the Grant Exit. As wedding photographers you not only have to know & rock lighting and your camera settings but you are a landscape (ie. venue shots), product (ie. details), senior (ie. bride and groom individuals), family (ie. bridal party, family portraits), couple (ie. bride and groom portraits), and event photographer (ie. ceremony and reception) at the same time. We all wear many heads and there is typically not a lot of time to think about technical things on a wedding day.

We spend hours researching and putting together lists on how to capture all the different events on a wedding day but were never able to find it all in one place. That is why we wanted to share all of our Secrets with you. To save your time and focus what we all do best. Capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Here is our all of our Secrets On How To Photograph A Wedding

How To Take Timeless Getting Ready Pictures

If you have been following along our journey, you know that our number one goal is to create bright & airy, timeless pictures that are full of love. Throughout the entire wedding day we will try to position our couples and ourselves in angles that will allow for clean background, so that the eye can focus on the natural emotions. But this can become very tricky.

Inside The Getting Ready Suites

Especially in small getting ready rooms but even sometimes bigger suites, the natural light can be limited. The rooms are typically packed with bags, purses and Chick-fil-A boxes (the number one wedding day lunch 😉 ).With that said, we always kindly ask our bride & bridesmaids as well as groom and his best friends if we can move things around. We want to provide consistent high-quality images to our clients and will try to create clean and timeless backgrounds at all times. We position our clients across from big windows to allow for as much natural light as possible. We also make sure that no distracting art pieces, hooks or any other items will be in our shots, unless we plan on removing them in photoshop after the fact. Last but not least we will turn off all the artificial lights if our camera settings and the natural light allows for that. As you know… We are fans of NATURAL light because it will make everyone look their very best 🙂

Outside The Getting Ready Suites

In some cases though the getting ready suites are just not big enough, do not have enough natural light or the color palette does not match the wedding day. We will then take our couples and their bridal party outside to take dreamy getting ready pictures with natural light and clean backgrounds. We love white walls or greenery. If there is a cute couch or chairs, we will take these outside as well and of course put them back in place once we are done.


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