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How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

You are pregnant but your loved ones live far away? Or maybe you are even pregnant during a time of a pandemic (like us during COVID-19) and you simply cannot leave the house or host a get-together…? Don’t worry! You can still celebrate your baby with your family & friends!!! All virtually & online. While it may not be the way you initially had pictured or planned your baby shower… This is an amazing way to share virtual hugs, toasts, games & gifts, and simply celebrate the new season and arrival of your baby boy or girl!!!

We definitely did not plan on hosting a virtual baby shower – at first. But sometimes God has different plans.
With the current pandemic we had two options… Cancelling or postposing our baby shower. Or plan a virtual baby shower! If you know our story, you’ll know that our relationship started long-distance with countless hours of virtual date nights, video calls, and text messages. So for us the answer was easy: Let’s plan a virtual baby shower!!!
So we got together (virtually) with our sweet hosts and changed plans from an in-person to a virtual baby shower!!!

More than likely, we are not the only ones facing this decision. Especially over these upcoming next few weeks (and possibly months)… So we put together 10 Secrets on “How to Throw an Unforgettable Virtual Baby Shower“!!!

1. Pick a Date: Douglas and I plan our calendars 3-6 months ahead and therefore already put 1-2 pending dates for our baby shower on our calendars as soon as we found out we were pregnant. I personally wanted to have a cute baby bump but not be too far along in our third trimester… So we planned our shower around week 33, which ended up being perfect from a bump and fitness / health perspective.

2. Guest List: In-person or virtual… You want to start your guest list, including addresses, emails, and phone numbers to later invite your guests and also have their addresses ready for thank-you notes. For Douglas and I it was important to celebrate your baby girl with our closest family & friends, both female & male. Thanks to connecting virtually, we had the opportunity to celebrate with family & friends from the US & Germany at the same time! Yay! 🙂

3. Your Hosts: We were so blessed to have my mother-in-law and three amazing, close friends offer to host & organize our baby shower for us. I put together a small Pinterest inspiration board and then let them run with our initial ideas, all under the motto “A little bunny is on her way”…!

4. The Registry: There are tons of different platforms or stores that offer baby registries. We will have another blog post all about our registry, but we loved the AMAZON baby registry, which allows you to add items from amazon, or other online shops, allows for individual or group purchases, and also gives you a 15% completion discount 60 days prior to your due date on non-purchased items. It was super easy for our guests to access our registry and ship their gifts directly to us – just in time for the shower!
If you want to get an inspiration of items we have on our registry, here is the link to our own baby registry on amazon.

5. The “Venue”: Unlike in-person showers, for a virtual baby shower, it may be easiest to stay home!!! During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also had no other choice than staying and hosting our virtual baby shower from home. We moved some furniture to have a clean backdrop and created place for our laptop (for our webcam) & TV (to see everyone on a bigger screen).

6. The Virtual “Venue”: There are tons of options out there. We both were familiar with Zoom and love the platform. It’s very easy. Create a free account. Setup a meeting / event. No user / guest limitations. Record the entire meeting and have it on video as an unforgettable memory… And get ready for your own virtual baby shower! It was perfect for us! Our Secret: Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your full screen (at grid / gallery view) with everyone waving / smiling at the camera. That way you have a fun memory with all your guests.

7. The Invite: While we had originally send out invitations by mail for our in-person shower… When plans changed, we used PaperlessPost to send out e-invites to everyone. Luckily we collected email addresses, when we started our guest lists, which made it easy to send out the invites to everyone.

8. The Decoration: I LOVE decoration and have been dreaming of a balloon arch for our baby shower… While you could go “budget-friendly” and choose a virtual backdrop directly through Zoom, we decided to “go big”!

  1. Balloon Arch: We ordered a super fun & gorgeous (DIY) blush balloon arch from Haight Avenue Party on Etsy. Their balloon “worry free” kit is simply amazing – and so easy to put together. It comes with instructions and video tutorials… And within about 1.5 hours we put together & hung our entire 8 foot balloon arch for our baby shower backdrop.
  2. Bunny Theme: Our hosts helped with all the other decorations. From little plush bunnies, to bunny plates, pink silverware and more! Mostly from Target, Party City and other stores that have party supply. Everything was under our sweet little bunny theme.

9. The Food: To stick with the theme (bunnies) and our brunch baby shower, my MIL prepared tons of fun & YUMMY snacks for our shower. Even though it was just the two of us, we loved having all the snacks during (and after) the shower. Here are the yummy recipes below:

  1. Mac & Cheese Muffins
  2. Bacon Tater Tor Skewers
  3. Veggie Cups with Hummus
  4. Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip & Crackers
  5. Charcuterie Board
  6. Cake Balls

10. Games & Activities: We spend the first few minutes for everyone to gather, setup their video and audio connection, and then kicked everything off with a quick hello & welcome message from our end. We then had one of our hosts be our “MC” to help navigate through activities.

  1. Mommy or Daddy – Guess Who?
  2. Gifts + Bingo: Our guests filled out a pre-designed bingo sheet, that was attached as a pdf to the e-invite, while Douglas and I were unwrapping gifts that everyone had shipped or dropped off at our house.
  3. Predictions + Advice: Our guests were also able to access + download a pre-designed predictions & advice document. So excited to see everyone’s advice for us first-time-parents!
  4. Hang out + Have Fun: Last but not least we just chatted with everyone that wanted to stay on longer… It was so great to see family & friends literally join and connect from all over the world!!! Such a special moment!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our family & friends that helped us celebrate our sweet baby girl!

And the BIGGEST THANK YOU to my incredible MIL and our friends Toria, Ellen and Britta for hosting the most amazing and unforgettable baby shower for us!!! We will forever cherish these sweet moments with everyone!!! We love you guys!!!

To all of the pregnant couples out there: We honestly could have not dreamed of a more amazing way to celebrate our baby girl!!! From dating virtually for 2.5 years, to now showering our baby girl virtually with family & friends from all over the globe, to soon having our little bunny arrive into this beautiful world.
Every step of our story has been written and planned by God. His plan and timing is perfect. And we will continue to pray and believe in Him!


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