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Intimate Elopement In Germany

There is always something so magical about intimate elopements. It gives you all the time in the world to completely enjoy yourself with your closest family and friends. No distractions. But what is even more special about this elopement we are sharing today? We got to travel to Germany. Where Luisa grew up. With the honor to witness our best friends Caro and Jonas saying yes to forever. A day that we have been anxiously waiting for! I remember one special moment leading up to this day, as if it was yesterday…

It was after midnight. In the middle of white sand, pink lights reflecting from the LED dance floor. Everyone having the time of their lives. The sound of the ocean in the background. And it was time, for all the girls to gather together. Waiting for the big moment, counting down. Three. Two. One. My bouquet flying through the air. I turn around. And there she was, Caro, with the bouquet in hand. Right in the middle of all my best friends. We hugged. Closely. While Jonas joined us with a big smile on his face. A few hours later, he pulled me aside to tell me a secret. A secret that I had to hold for so long!

He was planning his surprise proposal. My heart could not be filled with more love in that very moment on our wedding day. And every time I would visit Caro and Jonas I was reminded of this moment. Looking at my bridal bouquet, which Caro had saved from Arubaand is now decorating their home.

The day had finally arrived. Closest family and friends gathered together. In a small ballroom of the Schloss Eicherhof. Waiting. Patiently. When the doors cracked. And finally opened. No one could hold back their tears while looking over at Caro. Walking down the aisle with her dad. Holding on to his arm. Looking into her dad’s eyes filled with tears. Jonas. With the biggest smile and happy tears running down his cheeks. Paula. Their four footed baby wagging her tail in excitement. Growling to the sound of the music and to the vows. 😉 Followed by the ring exchange. And finally. The first kiss, as Mr. & Mrs.!!!

The entire day was filled with so much joy and happiness. Brought together through multiple generations of unconditional love. Through unbreakable friendships from all over the world. Through a picture perfect wedding cake (followed by 6 additional cakes). Through potato salads. And bratwurst. Through liters of champagne. And countless barrels of beer. Topped off with a fireworks show we all will never forget.Caro and Jonas. Just like in marriage… Our friendship has gone through many ups and a couple downs. But every day we think of you. Our hearts are with you. No distance can ever tear us apart. No matter where we will be in the world, you both will always be with us. We will laugh and cry with you. Through the best and the worst. Through the difficult and the easy. We love you both!!! And we cannot wait for wedding number 2 next year in July!!!


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