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Intimate Golden Hour Proposal In Fort Worth

The sun was glancing through the leaves. Water splashing against little rocks. Horses grasping for the green grass. Baby goats watching us. Hiding in the field. He reached for her hand. Gently pulling her over a small bridge. Leading her. Smiling at her. Trying to hide the little box in his back pocket. They stopped. Underneath one of the most precious trees. Giving them shade. During the warm golden hour. She hugged him. Smiled at him. As she knew what was about to happen. And there he was. More confident than ever about the commitment he was about to make. He got down. On one knee. Tears running down her cheeks. Excitement undeniable. She nodded. They fell unto each others arms. A diamond sparkling in the golden sunlight. Reflecting their unconditional love for one another. For the rest of their lives.

When Jake first reached out to us we were speechless about the unique love-story he shares with Kyndall. They both fell in love in Highschool and they are inseparable since then. He was telling us about the days he would come out here. To his family’s farm. To fish. To study. To think. About his life. His past. And his future. And he knew it. This was the place he would one day propose to his soulmate. Kyndall. This spot has such a special place in his heart. And so does his future bride. A love-story that couldn’t have started off more romantic!!!

Kyndall and Jake, thank you for showing us such a special place in your hearts. For letting us feel to be a part of your life. And family. For trusting us to capture some of the most special moments in your life. Moments, we are sure you will never forget. Moments, with a Lama called Professor, a baby calf, newborn ducklings, talkative goats, and  a family so filled with love and welcoming arms like no other!!! We hope you love these pictures as much as we do!!!



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