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Joyful Engagement Session at Adriatica Village

Have you ever seen a happier couple than THIS??? Our cheeks were SO (!) sore after Grace & Omar’s engagement session this past Saturday.

A few months ago we discovered this whimsical and romantic Adriatica Village, which was inspired by a small town in Croatia. Walking through the cobblestone streets, with cypress trees all along the waterfront, and crossing picture-perfect bridges just makes you feel like you are in a Disney movie. And when you add a couple, like Grace and Omar, with the most genuine hearts and sweetest giggles to this scenery, our photography heart is beating so much faster!!!

Grace & Omar, we are so grateful that the Lord has brought you together in his special place of faith & unconditional love. We trust in His GREAT plan for you. And we will be forever thankful to play our part in your love story by capturing these special memories for you. Just as he planned for you to meet at the perfect time and in the perfect place, he has a plan for you to commit your heart & soul to one another. And we cannot wait to hear where and when you will be saying “YES” to forever. Becoming husband & wife.

Until then, we hope that these pictures will be a reminder of your unconditional love for one another.


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