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Joyful Engagement Session At Arbor Hills

How did we get so lucky? The day we started our journey as wedding photographers we had no idea how many kind and joyful couples we would meet. We remember the day as if it was yesterday when Douglas and I sat down at the kitchen table dreaming about capturing couples love stories. Growing up on the opposite side of the world we have learned to communicate and document all of our memories through pictures. After a long 2.5 years of living apart, we felt like we were ready for the next step. Inspiring other couples not only with our story but with their very own!!! And here we are today. Our hearts filled with so much happiness (and lots of pink, sparkly sprinkles!) looking back at all the couples and families we have met, and the community we have created.

When most people think of photographers, they think of booking a simple service for some formal portraits… But we wanted to make a difference. We want to create an experience for our couples that they enjoy, giggle and laugh about for years to come, and are excited to share with their families and friends. Inspiring couples all over the world with genuine and sweet love stories is more than just snapping one picture. It is getting to know our couples without the camera, meeting for coffee or wine, talking about life and celebrating their milestones. We are so incredibly thankful for all of our brides that cherish being a part of our Luisa’s Secret Brides community. Loving and serving others. From beginning to end.

That is exactly why we fell in love with Tricia and Billy’s love story. They both not only take each other first, but they just have this glowing and inspiring aura around them. And you just cannot help it but be happy when you are around them. They represent everything around LOVE and SERVING others. We are so grateful for meeting you both and adding you to our #luisassecretbrides family! Thank you for reflecting pure happiness and excitement for one another. We hope you are recovered from all the giggles, hopping, skipping, and lifting during our session with you! We cannot wait for April to be here already and celebrate your wedding day with you!!!


  1. Tricia Wallace says:

    I’m so obsessed with these!!! Y’all are the absolute best!!!

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