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Plan Your Dream Wedding

Hello brides!!! (and grooms, but I am sure mostly brides will read this post 😉 )

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, you are engaged and ready to plan your Dream Wedding!!! This is one of the most exciting times in your life!!!

Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook. Social media. They are all great tools to plan your wedding day. But do you still feel overwhelmed sometimes?

We are excited to share 10 Luisa’s Secrets To Plan Your Dream Wedding! From a photographers’ perspective.

1. Venue, Planner, and Photographer!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the choices of breathtaking wedding venues? We can help! From a photographers’ perspective, we know where to find your dream venue. Where you will look your very best. Where your love and passion is reflected from top to bottom. Say yes to forever. In the most beautiful location. Where your love story will begin. Where memories will be captured for generations to come. And in order to help making your day effortless and stress-free: Hire a wedding planner and coordinator!!! We have worked with THE best in the industry and you will LOVE them.

Our Secret: We are absolutely in love with bright & airy wedding venues. It will make you GLOW. Create an atmosphere of joy and happiness. Will create breathtaking memories. Timeless. Full of love and laughter. Forever.

2. Pick Your Time & Date!

How do I pick a wedding date? Would you like to have a spring, summer, fall or winter wedding? Do you picture yourself getting married in the beautiful backyard or terrace of your wedding venue?

Our Secret: We LOVE natural light!!! Photos during the golden hour will give you the extra GLOW. This is the most precious time of the day for your bride and groom portraits!!!

3. The Dress!

How do I find THE ONE? You will!!! Ask your loved ones to go dress shopping. Make appointments at 1, 2, or more bridal boutiques. And now sit back & relax. Drink champagne. And just feel like a princess. Enjoy the process. Try on as many dresses as you want. And then. Eventually. You will walk out of the fitting room and you will know it! THIS is THE ONE. You feel your heart beating faster. See the sparkle in your family and friends eyes. Say YES to your dress.

Our Secret: Don’t stress about googling, pinteresting, instagraming or facebooking (are these even words?! 😉 ) for (what you think would be) the perfect dress… The choices can be overwhelming! You will know it. You will feel it. THIS IS YOUR DRESS.

(I NEVER thought I would be wearing a cinderella wedding dress to my Aruba beach wedding… but once I walked out of the fitting room I knew it was the one…)

4. The Color Theme!

Which color will look the best? From save-the-date cards, invitations, wedding day timelines, menu, bridesmaids dresses, flower arrangements, decorations… don’t we all dream of a beautiful color theme throughout our entire wedding?

Our Secret: Soft pastels, white or cream colors, metals, sequins and everything that sparkles will always take your breath away and look timeless on all pictures & memories. Accents with bright & deeper color palettes give the extra pop!

5. Your Wedding Party

I personally grew up in Germany where you only have a maid of honor and best man as your “bridal party”. Throughout the years of dating Douglas and getting to know American traditions, I fell in love with the idea of having all of my closest friends up at the arch with me while saying my vow.

Our Secret: Pick your friends, that are the most important to YOU. The ones that you could never imagine yourself getting married without. The ones that you want to grow old with. And share all of your life adventures with. Then, you will have the best bridal party and joyful group of friends with you throughout your entire wedding day. And life!!!

6. Flowers & Decoration!

Do you ever look at pinterest, instagram, wedding blogs or magazines and think to yourself: WOW! These details are absolutely breathtaking!!! I want this. And here is the truth: That can be YOURS!

Our Secret: You are only getting married once! You will never regret the most beautiful invitations that everyone will talk about forever. The extra flower arrangements. The personalized bridesmaids robes and champagne glasses. Engraved cufflinks. The confetti pictures. The flower petals decorating the aisle. The beautiful arch that smells like a bed of flowers… Make your dreams come TRUE! 🙂

7. The Guest List!

Oh decisions, decisions… Remember, this is YOUR wedding. YOU (and no-one else) should decide who you would like to celebrate your special day with!

Our Secret: Go with what your heart desires!

8. Food & Drinks & Grand Exit

This one is about your reception & party. There is no right or wrong about your food choice, drinks, time of your exit… Do you prefer a traditional reception timeline  (e. first dances, bride/father & groom/mother dances, cake cutting, etc) or is all you care about to have fun and celebrate with your loved ones?

Our Secret: Time flies! Enjoy every single moment of the day!


9. Hair & Make-Up & All The Little Details

This is YOUR day. The day you have been dreaming of since you are a little girl. You deserve to feel and look like a princess!!! Book your personal hair & make-up artist. Let them do the magic! Lash and/or hair extensions? A colorful lipstick? There is not such a thing as “too much make-up” on a wedding day!

You always wanted to get this beautiful pair of sparkling earrings or the gorgeous matching necklace & bracelet? The Jimmy Choo high heels? Get it.

What about your hair? How does your future husband like your hair best? Just be YOU. And you will look absolutely gorgeous!

Our Secret: Your groom will LOVE your look! No matter what. You will look GORGEOUS.

10. Have Fun!

This is YOUR BEST DAY EVER! And we are here for you. Every step of the way. To help you plan. Experience. And capture YOUR SPECIAL DAY!


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