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Magical Fort Worth Engagement Session

“Whatever happens, happens for a reason.”

Last Sunday, we witnessed first hand the meaning of these familiar words. We typically meet our couples about two hours before sunset to catch the beautiful golden hour light at the end of our shoot, and this time around was no different.

A warm spring breeze and a few raindrops falling from the sky filled up Fort Worth. The sun, occasionally peeking its way through the clouds. We saw a few familiar giggles. And there they were. Joyfully laughing at each other while slowly getting out of their cars. We hugged Alexandra and Zane, feeling their undeniable excitement for their engagement session. A few minutes later. An unexpected turn of events. “So… I forgot all my outfits!” We all had a moment of awkward laughs. Alexandra prepared everything so carefully, and through all the anticipation, she forgot to pack her dresses in the car. All she could think of were the sweet moments she was going to share with her future husband.

The rain started to pick up, but we were not about to let any of that get in our way, and instead, we enjoyed the time catching up over the past couple of months, and of course the wedding plans. Soon after, a car pulled up next to us, her sweet mom rolling down her window to drop off the beautiful dresses Alexandra picked out so carefully for this special day.

We were ready. The rain stopped. Alexandra and Zane holding hands. Sharing sweet smiles. Laughing about the afternoon. While they were holding each other close, falling into each other’s arms, the breathtaking golden light, began touching their skin from head to toe. It was in this moment we realized God was sending down a little sign. Even though our session did not start as originally planned, the timing could not be more picture perfect!

Alexandra and Zane. Everything that happened during our session, happened for a reason. You both are truly meant to be together. We are so incredibly thankful for spending these special moments with you both! Thank you for allowing us to capture all the unconditional love you have for one another.



  1. Rosalie Montemayor says:

    Simply beautiful!

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