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Mary & Mitch Engagement Session In Dallas

I remember meeting Mary for the first time during a photo session with one of her friends. Mary has a huge smile in her face, loves life and just makes you giggle at all times. We immediately shared our stories, how patience and love has brought me to Dallas, and how she is dating the love of her life waiting for the special day of getting engaged. We instantly had a connection and it felt like we knew each other forever. We exchanged phone numbers and instagram accounts (welcome to 2017 lol) and I knew this was not the last time we saw each other.

A couple days later I was opening my instagram account to make my daily post and then saw THE picture: Mitch proposed to Mary. I couldn’t believe it!!! We just talked about how we have to trust that everything will happen when the time is right, and here we were a couple days later… And they got engaged!!!

We all met for coffee at our favorite coffee shop and just fell deeper in love with their warm smiles and passion for each other. Mary is teaching our next generations and Mitch is training our future olympic swimmers (#fingerscrossed), both met and got engaged on a pool deck and now are planning their dream wedding together. And the cherry on top: They asked us to be a part of their love story!!!

Mary and Mitch, your smiles & joyful laughters are so adorable and contagious Рwe are so head over heels to not only capture your beautiful engagement pictures but also your wedding day this December. Our cheeks were pretty sore after this super fun engagement session, and we can only imagine how awesome your wedding will be!!!


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