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Meaningful Engagement Session In Fort Worth

This week we got to meet and capture one of the most meaningful engagement sessions of our entire photography journey. Raquel and Todd not only gave us goosebumps telling us their story on how they first met in the gym doing what they both love the most… But they also had a very difficult story to share with us. Raquel’s dad was recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer… The heartbreaking and scary news though brought them both and their families even closer together. Planning their future and wedding day all around what’s most important: Family.

We have never really shared our own story… Exactly one week after Douglas and I got married, we got similar news. Douglas’ mom was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. The statistics and prognosis were not very promising… But we knew from the beginning that everything was in God’s hands. We prayed. We cried. We laughed. Together. As a family. We also learned to celebrate and enjoy every single day, minute and second as if it was our last. And we have learned to always put our family first.

When Raquel told us her story, we were reminded of the importance of documenting moments of life. Memories that we will forever be able to look back at. Pictures that remind us on how we felt about each other. The love that we have for one another. Sharing stories and beautiful memories with family and generations to come.

Raquel and Todd, we are truly inspired by your love story. We are so honored to capture moments that will last forever. For you. And your families. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!!!


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