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Our 1st Vow Renewal At The Grand Canyon

We are in love with love. We met and got married in Las Vegas! And we celebrated our second wedding in Aruba! And we never want to loose our “in-love” experience. We not only made the commitment to never give up, to love each other unconditionally but also to celebrate every step and every accomplishment in our relationship. Every year, for our anniversary, we pack our (carry-on only!!!) bags and take trip to one of the places on our bucket list. From short weekend trips within the US, over longer weekends to Europe and all other continents. We want to explore and experience love all around the world. And we want to remind ourselves of the gift of marriage, our love and our commitment by renewing our vows. Just the two of us. Every year. So come follow along our journey of falling in love, being in love, and growing our love. All over the world.

We always knew that we wanted to renew our vows. We had no idea how or where. But we loved the idea of being able to escape our every-day life. Standing in front of each other. No officiant. No family. Nor friends. Just “you and me”. Quiet. Peaceful. Holding our hands. And repeating our promises that we made to one another during our wedding in Aruba. On the day we met. A day that changed our lives. Completely. We never want to take that day, or any day, for granted. We want to celebrate the gift of meeting each other, the gift of creating an unbreakable bond, and the gift of marriage. Every year.

So here we were. 8,000 feet (or 2,400 meters) above sea level. Holding our hands. Shaking. Looking into each others eyes. Sparkling. Saying our vows. Devoting. And we were just as nervous and excited as the first time we carefully read our promises to one another. To never give up on each other. To always be there for each other. And to always love each other unconditionally. But this time around, we knew the meaning of each promise. Marriage is not easy. It takes hard work. Time and patience. Love and faith. Every day.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Falling in love with each other again. Over and over. Every day. Remembering the gift we were given. And that is exactly why we wanted to do this. Climbing up the Grand Canyon together. Overcoming all the ups and downs. Joy and fear. Supporting each other. Leading one another. Until we were above the clouds. With no-one in sight. In God’s breathtaking creation. Just the two of us. Reminded of what’s most important. The gift of marriage.


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