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Our 2nd Vow Renewal In Tuscany, Italy

We are in love with love. We met and got married in Las Vegas! And we celebrated our second wedding in Aruba! And we never want to loose our “in-love” experience. We not only made the commitment to never give up, to love each other unconditionally but also to celebrate every step and every accomplishment in our relationship. Every year, for our anniversary, we pack our (carry-on only!!!) bags and take trip to one of the places on our bucket list. From short weekend trips within the US, over longer weekends to Europe and all other continents. We want to explore and experience love all around the world. And we want to remind ourselves of the gift of marriage, our love and our commitment by renewing our vows. Just the two of us. Every year. So come follow along our journey of falling in love, being in love, and growing our love. All over the world.

We had it all planned out. Our 2 year anniversary trip to Italy. A location in Tuscany for our intimate vow renewal. We hired a photographer this time. Which was one of the best decisions ever…! Our bags were packed. Boarding passes in our hands. A once-in-a-lifetime trip! With pizza. Pasta. Gelato. And lots of great wine of course.

The day finally had arrived. I was trying to figure out how to do my own hair and make-up. Which from that day I also knew that we will hire a professionals from here on… All prettied up, I stepped outside of our AirBnb to welcome Monica. Our florist. We were so lucky to find her on instagram. And she was so amazing! The flower crown and bouquet could not have been any more perfect!

And then we were ready. Ready to meet with our sweet photographer Olga. Ready to drive all over the wine country in Tuscany to capture breathtaking pictures. Finding the perfect spot for our intimate vow renewal. I was searching in my backpack. Our camera bags. I could not find what I was looking for. Our handwritten vows. THE most important thing for our trip. I had left it back at home. In a box. Filled with our memories, letters, and prints from all of our adventures. Instant tears running down my cheeks. Douglas arms wrapping around my chest. Holding me tight. Cheering me up. And just letting me know that everything was going to be ok. That we would renew our vows once we are back home. And that we are here to enjoy each other. And he was right. We had the best time of our lives. Exploring the Tuscany country side. Taking most breathtaking pictures with Olga!

A few weeks later. Back at home. When we were back to our every day life. Waking up. Working out together. Working our day jobs. Capturing couples love stories all over the globe. We found ourselves lost. Tired. And exhausted. Arguing. About little things. Sitting on the bathroom floor. Hurting. Crying. When we decided we needed our reminder. Our self-written promises. Our vows that we wanted to repeat each and every year. So we opened our box filled with memories. And continued our vows. To actively listen to each other. To take each other first. And to love each other unconditionally.

Sometimes things do not work out the way we planned or pictured them to. But the biggest thing for us is to remind ourselves daily on how grateful we are to have each other. Our annual vow renewal and anniversary pictures help us to be these reminders. They help us to look back at the beginning of our relationship. To the beginning of our marriage. And to all the adventures we are blessed to have taken together since then.


Photographer: Olga Makarova

Flowers: Orcia In Fiore


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