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Our 3rd Vow Renewal In Scottsdale, Arizona

We are in love with love. We met and got married in Las Vegas! And we celebrated our second wedding in Aruba! And we never want to loose our “in-love” experience. We not only made the commitment to never give up, to love each other unconditionally but also to celebrate every step and every accomplishment in our relationship. Every year, for our anniversary, we pack our (carry-on only!!!) bags and take trip to one of the places on our bucket list. From short weekend trips within the US, over longer weekends to Europe and all other continents. We want to explore and experience love all around the world. And we want to remind ourselves of the gift of marriage, our love and our commitment by renewing our vows. Just the two of us. Every year. So come follow along our journey of falling in love, being in love, and growing our love. All over the world.

Marriage is a gift. But with life getting more hectic each and every day, it seems like we all take this special gift for granted. We compare. Criticize. Argue. Fight. About little things. We get lost in Instagram-land. Admiring others. Want what they have. Instead of realizing of what is right in front of our eyes. Being grateful. For our past. Our present. And our future. Every. Single. Day.

We spent the first 2.5 years of our relationship 5000 miles apart. We remember the times when we were on the edge of giving up. Heartbroken. Not knowing when we would see each other again. But our love for each other was stronger. Every day, we had to remind ourselves that “love is patient”. That we had met in one of the most unexpected places on earth. Las Vegas. All for a greater reason. To love and respect each other. To serve others. The way we want to be treated. Little did we know where our journey would lead us.

And here we are now. 6 years after we first met. 3 years after we said “I do”. In one of our wildest dreams coming true. Holding hands. Looking into each others eyes. Falling in love with each other all over again. And a cacti stuck in Luisa’s foot 😉 . Underneath the blue sky. The sun peaking over the horizon. And two of the most caring people surrounding us. Capturing our anniversary pictures. Amy and Jordan. We fell in love with them. Over a year ago. When we got lost in their “photography-land”. When we became their most nerdy and ambitious students. And their biggest fans. They gave us a new perspective. The greatest inspiration to pursue our dreams. And changed our lives completely. On so many levels.

We are so grateful for being able to LEARN from THE BEST MENTORS we could have ever asked for. To GROW with an amazing COMMUNITY. And to SERVE others on so many levels.

Owning a business is not easy. And Marriage. Is even more difficult. But with time and patience. Vulnerability. And being true to yourselves. You can make all your dreams coming true. We are so grateful for the past 3 years of our marriage. For all the ups. And all the downs. We grow with every mistake. We work harder each and every day. To become a better version of ourselves. And to be an inspiration. To love and serve others unconditionally.

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Photographer: Amy & Jordan

Make-Up: Court Montes

Hair: By Emily Hughes

Flowers: Sarah’s Garden

Dress: Watters

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes


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