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Our 4th Vow Renewal & Baby Gender Reveal in Scottsdale

We are in love with love. We met and got married in Las Vegas! And we celebrated our second wedding in Aruba! And we never want to loose our “in-love” experience. We not only made the commitment to never give up, to love each other unconditionally but also to celebrate every step and every accomplishment in our relationship. Every year, for our anniversary, we pack our (carry-on only!!!) bags and take trip to one of the places on our bucket list. From short weekend trips within the US, over longer weekends to Europe and all other continents. We want to explore and experience love all around the world. And we want to remind ourselves of the gift of marriage, our love and our commitment by renewing our vows. Just the two of us. Every year. So come follow along our journey of falling in love, being in love, and growing our love. All over the world.

When we planned our 4 year anniversary trip, we had no idea what God really had in store for us…

At the beginning of the year we made a bucket list for our personal and professional goals for 2019 and it of course included a getaway and photo-shoot around our 4 year wedding (and 7 year (!!!) dating) anniversary. You probably remember our EPIC and DREAMY flower petal session with Amy & Jordan in Scottsdale last year… And it was really difficult to plan anything that would even come close to this. At the same time we had dreamed of signing up for one of the most inspirational photography conferences United (by ShowIt) in 2019. So this was the perfect opportunity to align our personal and professional goals and make this trip to Scottsdale one for the books!!! We reached out to Amy and Jordan and booked them for our 4 year anniversary session and were simply head over heels.

One of our major goal for 2019 was to adjust our personal priorities and to live them to the fullest:

  • Our faith and relationship with God
  • Our marriage
  • Our family
  • Our friends
  • And our photography business

But how do you even adjust a busy schedule with two full-time jobs in order to reflect your priorities? We have weddings and workshops (almost) fully booked for 2020. We both were promoted in our day jobs in 2019 and have taken on more responsibilities that required even more of our focus and time. We have made some amazing friendships throughout the past few years. And we are going through the constant struggle to find quality time for our families in the US and Germany, while making time for ourselves and our marriage. There was no time for our health, physically, mentally, or spiritually.

I remember this day as if it was yesterday. We both came home from our day jobs. We grabbed a quick (unhealthy) snack, our camera bags and headed out for an engagement session. Full of joy but also very tired and hungry, we decided to squeeze in a spontaneous date-night and go out for dinner. While sitting down we reviewed our calendar. And that is when it hit me. “Are we ever going to have kids?” I remember Douglas look. Shocked. Confused. “Of course my love. We both want to have a family together.” But *WHEN* was the “perfect timing” for this? Looking back at our calendars it appeared like there was never a perfect time in our busy lives to start our family planning. At this time, I had tears running down my cheeks… Until Douglas started smiling at me. Holding my hand. “Why don’t we put this in God’s hands?” Probably one of the best decisions we have ever made!!! We prayed. A lot. Day and night. We started going back to church. And we put all of our faith into God’s hands.

A few months later… Only 2 days prior to our actual 4 year wedding anniversary. We found out. By the grace of God. We are PREGNANT! And because of God’s perfect timing, we were able to have our baby’s gender results tested and emailed to Amy and Jordan, just in time for our anniversary session. We also ordered 12 pink and 12 blue smoke bombs, still not knowing if we were going to have a boy or a girl. We setup a separate email address that only Amy & Jordan had access to… And we waited until the day of our session to find out!

Pure happiness. Excitement. Joy. And. So. Much. Love.

And the rest is history…!!!


  1. Diana Manning says:

    Congratulations Douglas & Luisa!! We are so happy for this GREAT, AMAZING news. Truly, God is Faithful. Blessings on the journey ahead.

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