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Our Baby Registry & Must-Haves

Oh we remember the day we started wrapping our heads around a baby registry and how overwhelmed we felt with wants vs. needs and all the baby gear, products and brands out there.

By no means are we now any experts – we are still expecting and still waiting for our little baby girl to arrive (due in May) – but we’ve had so much fun researching, getting advice from some super moms & dads, and wanted to share all of our thoughts, our own registry and what we (today) believe are absolute must-haves.

So let’s get started.

1. Pick your Baby Registry

Where to register can definitely be overwhelming as well… We loved the idea of an “universal” baby registry, where you can add items from literally any online retailer. In addition we also compared completion discounts and/or other offers between baby registries.
Overall, Amazon and BabyList were our two favorites. Both let you add items from any store. Guests can easily access and purchase individual or multiple items from your registry.
Personally we chose Amazon because of the additional option of individual purchases and “group gifting / contribution” of higher priced items, as well as the attractive completion discount (15%, 60 days prior to your due date for qualifying items) for qualifying items that we wanted / needed.
Nevertheless, there are some baby registries we signed up for anyway, at the beginning, to test out the different platforms. A few registries are offering FREE welcome gifts, like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Here is an overview of baby registries that we considered and/or signed up for:

  1. Amazon: FREE welcome gift box + 15% completion discount (starting 60 days prior to due date of remaining, qualifying items)
  2. BabyList: 15% completion discount
  3. Target: FREE welcome gift box
  4. Walmart: FREE welcome gift box
  5. Pottery Barn Kids: 20% completion (exclusive for 6 months on remaining items on your registry).

2. Baby Registry Checklist

It was very helpful for us to list out all the different baby products and supplies by category. While figuring out your wants and needs and a budget to it all, here is our personal baby registry checklist with linked items that we got for our baby girl:
(or here is the direct link to Our Amazon Baby Registry)

  1. Gear
    1. Car Seat: NUNA Pipa Lite (Color: Broken Arrow from Pottery Barn)
    2. Stroller: UPPABABY Cruz V2 (2020 V2 model, Color: Bryce).
    3. Baby seat / bouncer:
      1. BUMBO floor seat (Color: Pink, Age: approx. 3-12 months): For sitting.
      2. BUMBO multi-seat (Color: Pink, Age: approx. 6-36 months): For sitting and feeding. Comes with a removable tray. Can be used as floor chair, on a table, or strapped onto a chair (replacing the need of a high-chair).
      3. Baby Björn Bouncer (Color: Beige/Gray, Age: approx. 0-24 months): For sitting, bouncing, and even feeding.
    4. Activity Gym: Skip Hop x pbk Dreamy Skies Activity Gym from Pottery Barn.
    5. Walker: Disney Walker
  2. Feeding
    1. Bottles or milk storage bags (10-12): Kiinde Milk Storage + Warmer Feeding System. This system comes with milk storage bags and adapters to almost every breast pump, so you can pump your milk directly into the bags. The bags can then be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Once ready to use, place them easily in the bottle adapter and age-appropriate nipple. Warm up the bottle in the safe bottle warmer. And ready to go.
    2. Breast pump (if breastfeeding): Check out Aeroflow Breastpumps to see which pump you can get for FREE through your insurance. We decided between the Medela and Spectra. The Spectra is a closed-system (ie. easier cleaning), which is why we chose to get the Spectra S2PLUS. There are amazing small + portable breast pumps, Willow and Elvie, but both are not covered by insurance and pretty pricey, which is why we decided to go with the FREE version.
    3. Nursing pads (if breastfeeding): Lansinoh disposable nursing pads
    4. Nipple Cream (if breastfeeding): We got both the Lansinoh and Mother Love nipple cream.
    5. Breastfeeding pillow (if breastfeeding): My Brest Friend Nursing pillow. You can easily strap this one around your waist. It will stay in place and make breastfeeding so much easier!
    6. Bibs / burp clothes (4-6): Really any burp cloth will work. But anything muslin is so soft. Here are some great Muslin cloths from amazon.
    7. Formula (if not breastfeeding): We have not yet decided which formula we’d use as Plan B, if breastfeeding is not for us.
  3. Sleeping
    1. Crib: Pottery Barn Blythe Crib (Color: French white)
    2. Crib mattress: Beautyrest Ultra Deluxe 2-in-1 Crib + Toddler Mattress
    3. Waterproof mattress cover (1-2): American Baby waterproof cover.
    4. Mattress sheets (1-2): White and pink mattress sheets.
    5. Muslin swaddle blankets (6-10): Some of our favorite Muslin Swaddle Blankets, that can be literally used for 1) swaddling, 2) burp cloths, 3) light blanket, 4) receiving blanket…
    6. Ollie Swaddle (Color: Lavender)
    7. Warmer blankets (1-2): Pricey, but oh SO SOFT. The Sherpa Baby Blanket from Pottery Barn (Color: Pink).
    8. Bassinet (for ~1-3 months): HALO Bassinest Glide Sleeper (Color: Mosaic). For the first couple of months, we would like for our baby girl to sleep in our bedroom. Instead of moving her crib around, we decided to get a simple bassinet for her. We personally did not want to invest in one of the pricier options (such as HALO Premiere or Luxe Series, or the SNOO Bassinet). Even though we have heard amazing things about both, we just wanted her close-by in a simple bassinet without all the extra settings.
  4. Changing
    1. Changing basket: Design Dua Imperfect Malaika Changing Basket.
    2. Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers.
    3. Wipes: Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes
    4. Diaper rash cream: We got both the Aquaphor Baby Skin Care Set + Aquaphor Fast Relief.
    5. Trash Can: Ubbi Steel Odor Diaper Pail (Color: White Pail)
  5. Bathing
    1. Baby bathtub: The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub (Color: White) and Blooming Bath Lotus (Color: Pink/White/Gray)
    2. Baby shampoo + soap: Aveeno Gentle Wash + Shampoo
    3. Baby body lotion: Aveeno Lotion
    4. Muslin wash-cloths (4-6): Baby Muslin Cloths.
    5. Hooded towels (2-4): Just Born Hooded Towels (Colors: Pink | White/Tan/Pink).
    6. Baby hairbrush: This wooden hair brush set is amazing..
  6. Health
    1. Thermometer: We got both Braun Digital EAR thermometer and the Proven ORAL + RECTAL Thermometer (DT-R1221A) 
    2. Nail clipper: We actually got the full Baby Frieda Kit, which includes a nail clipper.
    3. Baby Tylenol
    4. Petroleum jelly
    5. Pacifier (if wanted), (2-4): Ryan & Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier (Color: Pink | White)
    6. Pacifier Clip (1-2): Little Sprouts Pacifier Clip + Teether (Color: Pink) and ItyBity Pacifier Clip + Teether (Color: Petal Pink/Soft Gray/White)
    7. Teether: Sophie – the best teether.
  7. Clothes
    1. Gentle laundry detergent: Dreft (Stage 1 for Newborn)
    2. ZIPPER or magnetic onesies (4-6): Burt’s Bees Zip Onesies and Magnetic Me Onesies.
    3. Bodies (4-6): There are so many cute ones. Here is just an example of Little Me Bodies.
    4. Socks (4-6)
    5. (Mittens): Our hospital nurses told us that socks work actually better than mittens. Or look into any onesies that have built-in mittens into the sleeves.
    6. Cute outfits (1-2): The cutest and softest Posh Peanut Gown!!!
  8. Nursery
    1. Crib + Crib Mattress (see above under Sleeping #3.1 and 3.2)
    2. Dresser: Ikea Hemnes Dresser (Color: White).
    3. Rocking Chair: Comfort Swivel Glider + Recliner from Pottery Barn (Color: Basketweave Slub, Ivory). You may want to order this a few months in advance, depending on your fabric/color choice, as it will be custom-made and takes a few weeks for manufacturing + shipping.
    4. Nightlight: Faceted Porcelain Table Lamp from West Elm.
    5. Diffuser: We bought our diffuser from Target.
    6. Baby monitor: Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor (SCD720/86).
  9. Books + Toys
    1. The Magic of Motherhood
    2. Tons of baby books (Amazon)
    3. Plush animals (Pottery Barn)
  10. Traveling
    1. Sleeping:
      1. Travel Crib / Pack’n Play: Baby Björn Travel Crib (Color: Mesh, Silver, Age: 0-36 months). This is super light weight (13 lbs/6 kg) and fits in a suitcase! Perfect not only for in-home use but amazing to travel with!!!
      2. Dock A Tot (Color: White | And 1 extra cover: Strawberry Cream)
    2. Baby Carrier: Baby Björn Carrier (Color: 3D Mesh, Silver, Age: 0-36 months)
    3. Changing:
      1. Diaper Bag + Changing Pad: HAPP Levy Backpack Dusty Rose and Memory Foam Changing Pad (Color: Rose)
      2. Bumco Wipes + Diaper Clutch (Color: Pink)
    4. Nursing
      1. Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover (Color: Atherton) and/ or
      2. Milk Snob Organic Cover (Color: Ivory)

3. The Must-Haves

The most difficult part for us was to figure out or decide what we truly need versus want.
There are tons of fun baby items that will make your life much easier but are they really necessary for they price tag they come with? We’ve asked family & friends, researched online, asked retailers and came up with our own must-haves list:
(possibly subject to change once our baby girl is born ;))

Car Seat: The absolute MUST-HAVE for everyone!!! We wanted functional, light weight + clean design. Our favorite is the NUNA Pipa Lite (Color: Broken Arrow from Pottery Barn).

A Stroller: Even though you could argue whether or not a stroller is a must (versus want), for us a stroller was a must-have. We wanted practicality (ie. easy one-hand folding/unfolding), something travel-friendly, light weight, and clean design. Our winner was the UPPABABY Cruz V2 (2020 V2 model, Color: Bryce).

A Crib + crib mattress!!! Your baby needs a place to sleep. We fell in love with the Pottery Barn Blythe Crib (Color: French white). But there are definitely more budget-friendly options as well.

A Bassinet and the Dock-A-Tot: We wanted a place for our baby girl to sleep close to us for the first few months. Even though there are tons of amazing electronic bassinets that literally rock your baby to sleep, we went with a very simple option from HALO: Their Bassinest Glider. In order to make the transition into the crib after the first initial months easier, we also got the Dock-A-Tot. The cherry on top: You can place the Dock-A-Tot directly into the Bassinest, bring the Dock-A-Tot on any trip, and place it anywhere in the house… So your little one associates it with his/her place to sleep. No matter where you are. Oh and it photographs SO beautifully!!!

Feeding: Whether or not you’d like to breast- or bottle-feed, there are some items you need.

  1. Breastmilk (breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding): Bottles and a breast pump. (Pssst. Check Aeroflow Breastpumps for your insurance coverage for a FREE breast pump).
  2. Formula (bottle-feeding): Bottles and formula.

Changing: Disposable or not. You will need tons of diapers and wipes.
A changing table is definitely not a must. However diapers and wipes for sure are!!!
(If you are interested in our changing table, it’s from Ikea!!!)

Health: A few items such as a thermometer, nail clipper, (baby) Tylenol, and a brush should be in everyone’s household.

Clothes: There are lots of wants in this category, but a few must-haves include:

  1. ZIPPER (!!!) or (even better but also pricier) magnetic onesies: We just got our Magnetic Me onesies in the mail and OMG (!!!) we are in LOVE! So soft. So easy to open + close!!!
  2. Bodies: You will most likely need 4-6 bodies for the start. We got a few more just trying to avoid laundry every single day. But we will see how that goes 😉
  3. Socks: Socks are apparently great not only to keep your babies feet warm but also to cover your baby’s sharp finger nails. And from what we’ve heard they work better than mittens.
  4. Muslin Swaddle Blankets (can also be used as receiving blankets): We got quite a few (~12), but 4-6 muslin swaddle blankets should be good and they will be helpful not only to swaddle, but useful as receiving blankets, spit ups, clean ups, burb cloths, and so much more!!!

Baby chair / bouncer / high-chair: Once your baby boy or girl can sit unassisted (~ month 3), you will most likely need some form of chair for your little one. We had a tough time deciding between a high-chair or a seat that can be strapped to a regular chair. We fell in love with the BUMBO floor seat (Color: Pink) and/or BUMBO multi-seat (Color: Pink), as well as the Baby Björn Bouncer (Color: Beige/Gray), which is why we got all three. But if you had to decide on one item, we’d recommend to go with either the BUMBO multi-seat, which can be used as a floor chair or replacing a high-chair (can be strapped onto any chair) from 6-36 months, or the Baby Björn Bouncer, which can be used for both seating, entertainment, and feeding (from 0-36 months).


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