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Our secret to dreamy photos? Finding the dreamy light. That is always our number one priority and there is really nothing more important than light when it comes to capturing bright & airy photos. But we have gotten so many questions about our gear and we are so excited to share with you exactly what camera and lenses we are using for all of our sessions!!! As photographers have to be very intentional about the equipment that we choose to control and capture natural and dreamy light.

We are obsessed with our Sony a7R III camera. The mirrorless technology allows for amazing quality images in all light situations. 42 megapixels gives us crop flexibility later in post-editing. We can shoot 1-2 stops down (in exposure) during some of those difficult light situations and brighten up the photos later on in lightroom. And the auto focus is second to none!
Since we are natural light photographers, we try to avoid any type of camera flash (on or off-camera flash) as much as we can. Our cameras work great in any low light situation (best in class ISO) which sometimes allows us to shoot an entire wedding (reception!) without flash!!!

But the camera alone does not guarantee great images. The selection of lenses is just as or even more important. Our number one priority is to create bright & airy images. Lenses with high apertures allows for that style, which is why we love to shoot “wide open” whenever we can!

Here is a look at our current lens and flash equipment.


  • 85mm, f1.4: Luisa’s primary lens for any portrait session and during a wedding day.
  • 35mm, f1.4: Luisa’s second favorite lens. Great in smaller rooms. Mostly used during the reception and detail shots
  • 90mm, f2.8: Our macro lens for timeless ring shots!!!
  • 70-200mm, f2.8: Douglas’ favorite for portraits and weddings.
  • 24-70mm, f2.8: Great wide-angle lens for small rooms or wide portrait shots. Mostly used during the reception

On-Camera Flash

  • Godox V350S: Our on and off camera flash. We love ‘em! They are small, light, and don’t break the bank!
  • Godox XProS: Off camera flash trigger. Douglas loves to use this for various lighting situations during the reception.

Off-Camera Flash

  • Godox AD200: Our off camera flash. These are mostly for local weddings due to the weight and size. But they brighten up any room (esp. tall ceiling barns) and help us get the perfect backlight glow during the reception. They now have a newer version AD200Pro which is slightly faster. But we are super happy with our AD200 are not going to replace it any time soon.

When neither natural light or our cameras will allow for bright & airy, high quality images (ie. Dark reception areas), we will add OCF. While the automatic “TTL” setting does a pretty good job, we sometimes like to manually set our flash settings to play with on and off camera flash to create beautiful backlight while still brightening up our couple and foreground.

Memory Cards

Favorite camera bag

After going through almost a handful of different camera bags we finally found my dream bag from House of Flynn.


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