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Part 2: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

It is every girls dream to one day meet and fall in love with the love of her life! And when it happens, a love story is written. One of our favorite things of being wedding photographers is leaning how our couples met and fell in love. Each story is so unique and special, and helps us serve them in the best way possible! And now it is time to share our story with you. We want to share everything, from how we met in Las Vegas, to getting married, not just once, but twice, and everything in between!!!  


PART 2: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 

Did this just happen? I turned back around. Staring at an empty bar and hallway behind me. My best friend raising her glass to make a toast. To an unforgettable trip. And then. Our eyes met for a second time. The boys sat down right across from us. He smiled at me. Again. The sparkle in his eyes. The butterflies. The feeling of knowing someone you have never met. 

When my friend and I came back from a quick bathroom break; the boys took over our seats. Conveniently leaving two empty chairs between them. So without hesitation, I sat down next to Douglas. With my heart pounding out of my chest, he asks, “Where are you from?” He was so surprised by my response, “From Germany!”, I said. At that point, he wanted to know everything. About me. And within seconds, we both knew. This was THE one. 

We spent three days together. In Las Vegas. Getting to know more and more about one another. Celebrating. Telling stories. Falling for each other. But this unforgettable fairytale was about to end. 

It was time to say goodbye. But how do you say goodbye to someone you just met and were falling head over heels for? I knew everyone would think I was crazy. That we were crazy! For thinking that this could turn into something serious. After all, we lived 5000 miles away from each other.  

Our last night together, Douglas and his friends had tickets to the Blink 182 concert to celebrate his birthday. So me and my friend walked all the guys over to the Cosmopolitan. While standing in line, he was trying to convince us to go to the concert, but we just couldn’t. We needed to get back to our hotel and pack our bags for an early flight out to New York. The last stop on our road trip. 

Douglas pulled me in close and gave me a big hug. His handsome smile and hazelnut eyes staring at me. All I could say was “goodbye.” I turned around and walked away. Sick to my stomach. Holding back tears. Was this it? One last time, I turned, and looked back into his eyes…  

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