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Part 3: Our First Goodbye

It is every girls dream to one day meet and fall in love with the love of her life! And when it happens, a love story is written. One of our favorite things of being wedding photographers is leaning how our couples met and fell in love. Each story is so unique and special, and helps us serve them in the best way possible! And now it is time to share our story with you. We want to share everything, from how we met in Las Vegas, to getting married, not just once, but twice, and everything in between!!!  

PART 3: The First Goodbye  

In the city that never sleeps, it was completely dark out. Cold air blowing in my face. Our suitcases were packed. “Goodnight”. My friend turned off the hotel room lights. Staring at the dark ceiling, I started thinking about the past three days. How did this all happen to me? I had to see him again. But when? And how? I am about to fly across the country!  

Out of nowhere. The room was lit by a little bright light. A message. From Douglas. “I need to see you”. The concert was over. But would he really come over to see me?  

There is no way!  

He will go out and celebrate his birthday with his friends!  

He will see other girls and just forget about me!  

These past couple of days were too good to be true!  


Another text.  

“I’m here, downstairs.” He showed up!?!? I could not believe he was waiting downstairs. I was in bed “trying” to sleep. My friend was passed out. We had to get up early. In my pajamas, I was too excited to change! I needed to see him again. For one last time!  

Slowly walking downstairs. I saw him in the distance. Standing there. Waiting. Our eyes met again. My smile, impossible to hold back. He grabbed my hand. Walked me over to the casino. We sat down at the Black Jack table. “Have you ever played?” Blackjack? I had never even heard of it! But he took time to teach me in between a couple of rounds. Never taking his eyes off of me. Again. He grabbed my hand. Walking me back towards my hotel. We sat down on a bench outside. And talked. For hours. Sharing our life story. How I grew up in Germany. Being in med school. How he grew up in Texas. NOT riding a horse instead of a car. About our families. Past relationships. “No matter what happens when you get back home. I will always be here for you!” He promised. And all of the sudden my worries were gone. Everything just felt perfect! Nothing else mattered. We had each other. And from this moment on we both knew it was forever. 

He walked me back upstairs. To my room. His eyes watering. My eyes filled with tears. He pulled me in close. Whispering in my ear: “It is all going to be okay.” 

I squeezed his hands. Never wanting to let go. Looking into his eyes. While he was gently walking away. Turning around. Smiling back at me. And then. He was gone. I opened my hotel door. Back into a room, full of darkness. Into a future unknown. 

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