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Part 4: Our First Time Being Apart

It is every girls dream to one day meet and fall in love with the love of her life! And when it happens, a love story is written. One of our favorite things of being wedding photographers is leaning how our couples met and fell in love. Each story is so unique and special, and helps us serve them in the best way possible! And now it is time to share our story with you. We want to share everything, from how we met in Las Vegas, to getting married, not just once, but twice, and everything in between!!!  


My head was down. Laying on a soft pillow. Eye lids swollen. From crying. Heart aching. From being torn apart. Laptop sitting on my nightstand. And I was waiting. Impatiently. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. For Douglas to come home from work. For the familiar sound. Of his daily video call. While listening to a song. A song that Douglas sent me. A few days after our first goodbye. As a reminder of his feelings. To give me strength. To help us through this difficult time. I listened to it. Over and over again.  


“When I look into your eyes 

It’s like watching the night sky 

Or a beautiful sunrise 

There’s so much they hold 


I won’t give up on us 

Even if the skies get rough 

I’m giving you all my love 

I’m still looking up” 


It did not take away all the pain. The heartache. The worries. The doubts. But it always reminded us of what happened. The miracle. How we met. A reminder to fight. To be there for each other. Even though we were apart. Without realizing, we learned important lessons that built a strong foundation for our relationship to be what it is today. Filled with patience, joy, and love. We learned to communicate. Not in person. But through messages, video calls, and pictures. Telling each other stories. Sharing our lives. Celebrating accomplishments. All through photos.  

We started every single day by looking at each other through a camera. Capturing every moment of the day. Together and apart. Building an unbreakable bond. Creating memories. Memories that remind us how strong our love is. Memories we will be able to share with generations. With family. With Friends. With couples all around the world. To encourage. To love and serve each other. To send little reminders. A reminder, to believe in yourself. To never give up on each other. On your dream of living your happily ever after. 

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