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Part 7: Love Locks Part 2

It is every girls dream to one day meet and fall in love with the love of her life! And when it happens, a love story is written. One of our favorite things of being wedding photographers is leaning how our couples met and fell in love. Each story is so unique and special, and helps us serve them in the best way possible! And now it is time to share our story with you. We want to share everything, from how we met in Las Vegas, to getting married, not just once, but twice, and everything in between!!!  

Part 7: Love Locks Part 2

There was so much excitement. Families waiting for their loved ones. One by one as the doors opened. Lots of smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses. My dad pacing the arrivals terminal. And there she was. Douglas’ aunt. She ran towards us. We all hugged. Moments later we grabbed her bags and were just about to head out, when someone’s hand touched my shoulder. I turned around. “Surprise!” Douglas’ mom, smiling back at me. I was so excited to see her! However, my eyes quickly scanned the airport. Looking if Douglas was anywhere… I kept telling myself, do not be sad.   

We began walking towards the exit, when a familiar hand touched me. “Hello there, beautiful.” Again, I turned. He IS here!!! I could not believe it. This was the best surprise ever! I have not seen Douglas in months! How he was able to fly all the way to Germany without me realizing, to this day I will never know. But it was Easter weekend, and he wanted to spend his extra day off with me. In Germany!  

The smell of fresh coffee. Fried eggs. Breakfast was ready. There was this nervous anticipation I was feeling all morning. Something was different. Douglas had this sweet warm smile. I knew I had been missing him so much.


My family packed up a day bag. We were off to Cologne. As we sat on the train. The feelings came rushing back. I pulled out my phone to message my best friend. “I think today may be the day Douglas is going to ask me…!!!” My hands started shaking as I continued holding this box Douglas gave me earlier that morning. I was not allowed to open it. 


He grabbed my hand and we started walking towards the bridge. 9 poles. 26 wires. We knelt down. Cleaning up our love lock. Our camera set up on a tripod to capture our ritual. “I think it’s time for you to open your present!”. We stood back up. My was heart pounding. Douglas, all smiles as I slowly started unwrapping his gift. He began talking about how we first met. Our relationship. How much he loved me. And paused. I was holding a lock. With a date engraved on one side: 14/4/19. Keys taped to the other side. I was a little confused and distracted by this date. What does it mean? As I looked back at Douglas, it was then I realized what was about to happen. Everything around me froze. In that moment I saw us. Getting married. Becoming husband and wife. Growing old together. Words were being said, but I could hear nothing. Until Douglas asked me to remove the keys from the lock. I could barely move as my hands were trembling. As I starting reading the words “Will you marry me?” My eyes began to water. Douglas, slowing getting down on one knew. “Luisa-Marie Anna Lenz, Will You Marry Me?”. A sparking diamond ring staring back at me. “Of course!” He took my hand, and slowly placing the ring on my finger.  


And there we were. A German and a Texan, sealing our love, with another love lock, in the same place where it all started. It was the moment we had been dreaming of for so long! We fell into each other’s arms. Ready to make another commitment, to spend the rest of our lives together!!! <3  


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