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Part 8: What happens in Vegas, does not always stay in Vegas

It is every girls dream to one day meet and fall in love with the love of her life! And when it happens, a love story is written. One of our favorite things of being wedding photographers is leaning how our couples met and fell in love. Each story is so unique and special, and helps us serve them in the best way possible! And now it is time to share our story with you. We want to share everything, from how we met in Las Vegas, to getting married, not just once, but twice, and everything in between!!!  


PART 8: What happens in Vegas, does not always stay in Vegas

I was holding her close. Telling her how much I loved her. One last hug. I looked back at my mom and dad. Waving goodbye. One of my hardest goodbyes. Three boxes, two suitcases, one carry-on, and me. Moving to the US. Filled with mixed emotions. Full of excitement, ready to be with the man of my dreams. Completely devastated, leaving my family and friends, whom I love so very much. Starting a new life. A life together with Douglas. We worked so hard for this. Patiently waiting for over 2.5 years, and that day was finally here. 

When the international arrival doors opened. There he was. All the years, months, days, and hours waiting, were all gone. We immediately held each other, never wanting to let the other go. We Cried, we Smiled, pure happiness. Best of all. No. More. Goodbyes. 

Three days later. We boarded a plane, to Vegas. Back to where it all started.  If meeting in Vegas was not crazy enough, the night we met, we sat down on a bench in front of the Circus Circus Wedding Chapel. A little tired from dancing the night away, but too excited to sleep, we talked for hours and hours about any and everything. Little did we know, we would find ourselves back, at the same Wedding Chapel. Sure, it might sound a little silly, but the idea of going to a courthouse in Dallas or wherever (because of all the visa restrictions) was not how we roll! 

We popped a bottle of sparkling wine. Toasted. To us. To forever. While I was getting my hair and makeup done. Feeling like a little princess. Marrying my prince charming. We had a few minutes left. Picked up the phone and called my parents. Hearing their voices and seeing their happiness. Toasting with us via FaceTime. We were ready to walk to the chapel. For the second time, and this time, it was for real. We slowly headed up the stairs, shared one last kiss and parted to different rooms for last minute touch-ups. My dress hanging in the mirror. Picturing myself, getting married, to Douglas. Today! I was ready, so ready.  

The Chapel doors opened. All I could see was Douglas. Standing at the altar. His eyes, looking into mine. Just like the first day we met. Our smiles never ending. I began walking towards him, towards our future of being together, forever. Finally, the four words, “You may kiss your bride!” Our first kiss, as Husband and Wife. 

But that’s not all. If you know Douglas, then you know there was a little more to this story. This particular wedding was all about fun, celebrating together, with nobody else. So, we made a deal. He could plan our Vegas wedding, if I could plan our big wedding with family and friends… so back to the story. 

We headed down to the casino floor. Through the lobby. People cheering us on, congratulating us, for reasons beyond just getting married (…wait until you see our photos). A man in a suit opened a door, to the biggest Hummer limousine I had ever seen. “Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Manning!”. Douglas smiling, “Time to party!” We opened a bottle of sparkling, toasting to “You and Me!”. Driving the entire Vegas strip. Celebrating. And of course, we made a stop at the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. This unforgettable trip was filled with so many memories, so many pictures to share with family and friends, for those not with us that day, a day just for us. The next chapter in our own little fairytale. And this time, what happened in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas!  

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