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Romantic Engagement Session at Adriatica Village

Holy. Smoke. This is by far our new favorite engagement session on the blog!!! Not only is the Adriatica Village in McKinney the most romantic little spot on earth and reminds us of our trip to Italy just a few years back, but capturing Rachael & Ty’s sweet giggles was an absolute DREAM for us.

Rachael and Ty met over 7 years ago and ever since been in a long distance relationship. For 7 (!!!) years!!! As you probably remember, Douglas and I were dating long distance for 2.5 years… And the constant goodbyes, FaceTime calls and WhatsApp messages were a daily reminder of how strong our love was… But it was also a daily struggle and very painful. So we definitely can relate what these two are currently going through!!! BUT, there is an end insight! 🙂

Only a few weeks ago, Ty boarded a plane to Italy to surprise Rachael and her family with his surprise proposal right in the middle of the Tuscan wine hills. SHE SAID YES. And now they are planning their DREAM wedding together. And the start of their next adventure of becoming husband and wife. And being together. Every. Single. Day!

Rachael and Ty, we couldn’t be more grateful for you guys. Thank you for sharing your story with us and the world. Thank you for inspiring so many others out there that need the reminder “It’s so worth it”! Every goodbye is leading you closer to the day that you will be together. Forever. And we so cannot wait for this day to get here for you!!! We love you both so much already and hope these pictures will serve you and generations to come as a reminder of how strong your love is!!!


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