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Santorini Destination Anniversary Session

We have been waiting for months to finally fly out to Santorini and shoot this destination anniversary session for Kristi & Brandon. Celebrating 10 Years of marriage. WOW.

Every year Douglas and I try to make a weekend trip to celebrate our love. Our commitment. Our marriage. We try to escape the hectic life and focus just on us. Renewing our vows. Taking anniversary pictures to help tell our story. Remind ourselves – and one day our children – what true love is about. Choosing each other daily. Loving and respecting each other. Believing and trusting in God. Committing your lives not only to one another but to the Lord.

Kristi and Brandon have chosen to spend their lives together TEN years ago. They have celebrate major milestones. They have grown into a family of four, with two of the most adorable children. But they also had to overcome some very difficult times in their lives. One thing that kept them going all along was their faith and true love.

For their 10 year anniversary they decided to celebrate. Just the two of them. And even though the temporary “separation” from their beloved children was super difficult on them, this vacation was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Kristi and Brandon.

Thank you both for inspiring us daily with the love that you have to give. We adore you guys so much and feel incredibly blessed to call you our friends. We hope that these pictures will be a daily reminder of your unbreakable bond and amazing story!!! Cheers to YOU!!!


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