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Stone Crest Wedding In McKinney, Texas

Holding his hand under the table. Squeezing tight. Looking over her shoulder into the short distance. Her dad’s eyes began to fill with tears. Sharing sweet memories from her childhood. Who he affectionately called. His little pumpkin. His Disney princess. Trying to gather himself, he walked over. Reaching for her hand. Gently, pulling her to the dance floor. Dancing together. For the first time. Just moments after giving her away. His pumpkin. All grown up.

Before the song came to an end. He reached out for another hand. Mitch standing to his right. Mary to his left. Placing their hands together. With a tender nod of his head. Blessing their marriage. As tears ran down Mary’s cheeks. Mitch slowly took her father’s place. Wrapping his arms around Mary. Her head resting on his shoulder. His hands holding her close. Never letting go. The room filled with silence. No words were necessary. Two hearts, that found each other years before. Starting the next chapter in their happily ever after.

I first met Mary while on a photoshoot taking pictures for one of her amazing friends and bridesmaids. I recall Mary being head over heels about a man she was so ready to marry. I offered her patience, as I too, knew exactly how she was feeling just a few years ago. She had moved to a new state, a new city, following her heart. She knew he was the one…! And just a few days later, I remember seeing the big news: They got engaged! 

Mary and Mitch, thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for your friendship, contagious laughter, and giving us the opportunity to be part of your beautiful love story. The genuine smiles and kindness of your family and friends was so wonderful to witness and capture. Our cheeks are still sore from smiling all day.

We wish you both nothing but the very best for your future!!! We hope that these highlights will always remind you of your fairytale wedding. We love you both!!!


Thank you to all the Creatives!

Venue: The Stone Crest Venue

Planner: Keestone Events

Florals: Lizzie Bees Flower Shoppe

Hair: Katie Adair

Make-Up: WZ Beauty Studio

Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal

Ring: Robbins Brother

Cake: Susie Cakes Bakery

Caterer: Culinary Art Catering


  1. Grace Jepsen says:

    You guys are truly amaZing! I have never met a cuter, more positive wedding photographer couple!!! These photos are stunning. Thank you for capturing my sisters wedding day so perfectly and making the picture process super fun.

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