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Surprise Proposal In Fort Worth

When we first started our journey as wedding photographers, we only had one goal: To love and serve others. When we first met Courtney and her family we were blown away by their love and passion to make other’s dreams come true. From day one we knew that this would turn into an incredible friendship with a very special place in our hearts.

From here we were able to witness this beautiful family (inside and out!!!) serve couples and families over the past couple of years and we have been secretly waiting for THIS moment.

A few weeks ago… On a Saturday morning my phone went off with a message from LaWanna: “Call me. I need to share a secret with you”. I jumped off my chair and screamed with the highest and most excited voice “Courtney is getting engaged!” I knew it. Right then and there. Everything else from here was history…

We planned everything into detail with Jon. And every day, every minute, every second from here felt like forever because we couldn’t wait for THIS day to finally be here…

Flower petals decorating a beautiful aisle with the smell of fresh roses. 12 roses. One for each month. Reminding them of the excitement. Love. Joy. Passion. For one another. A warm breeze from all the candle lights surrounding. Right in the middle Jon, holding Courtney’s hands tight. Down on one knee. Glazing at his beautiful girlfriend (soon to be WIFE!!!). In her shiny dress. Smiling from ear to ear. Looking at the love of her life. Holding her hand. And a diamond ring in the other. Listening to his words:

“Will you marry me?”

Courtney and Jon, we could not be happier for the both of you. We are so grateful that God has brought you together to love and serve each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. As fiancés. And soon to be husband and wife! Thank you for believing in our gift to capture your love story. We will be forever grateful for you and your families!!!

Congratulations again!!! We love you and cannot wait to see you soon! <3


  1. Lisa Pemdergrass says:

    Such a wonderful capture of Jon and Courtneys special night. You did a great job! Thank you so much.

    • Luisa Manning says:

      Thank you Lisa! It was such an honor to serve them and capture all these special memories for your family!!!

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