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Unforgettable Engagement Session In Fredericksburg, VA

Oooh guys! We have an unforgettable engagement session to share with you! When we think back to the beginning of our photography journey, we never thought it would lead to this. We feel very blessed and are enjoying each day serving our clients. But all of this is leading to something more. More than just clicking the shutter, or traveling the world to capture unforgettable memories. We are developing life-changing, genuine relationships with our clients. Friendships we truly cherish. That we cannot picture our life without! And two of these friends are Katie & Chance.

We fell in love with Katie during our initial phone call. She and her fiancé Chance had just moved to Virginia, living their dream of building up a resort centered around agriculture and farming. Little did we know this place would be so picture-perfect!!! Katie found us through social media, fell in love with our style, and from the first moment we talked, it felt like we had known each other forever. We booked our flights and were ready to finally meet Katie, Chance, their two puppies Gracie and Tucker, and to get a glimpse into their everyday life.

“Let’s do this!”

Holding hands. They jumped into the field. Barefoot. Laughing. Twirling around. Falling into each other’s arms. All in the pouring rain. Or should we say monsoon? None of that could keep Katie & Chance from enjoying the moment. There might have been drenched clothes, messy hair, or runny mascara. But all we could see was pure happiness, joy, and love. We were drawn to their every move. Capturing some of the most intimate moments we have ever witnessed. We were instantly in love ourselves!

Warming up with a glass of wine later that night, we made plans to drive to the mountains the next morning. Hoping to capture more photos with some of the most breathtaking views in the blue ridge mountains. But. Life happens. That morning, was one of the foggiest days we ever seen, so instead we headed down towards the valley. And there it was, the smell of fresh strawberries. Right outside our car window, was a little farm house, and a sign, “Pick your own strawberries.” Minutes later, we were walking through the strawberry fields, once again, barefoot. Plucking “exquisite” strawberries. Feeding each other. Filling our little bucket. And of course capturing every moment along the way! Back in the car we started heading towards our next adventure. A romantic winery nestled along the mountainside, King family vineyards. We did wine tasting and ordered a couple of glasses of their Rosé. Enjoyed some meats and cheeses with freshly baked baguettes, and found ourselves in a picture-perfect place for more photos! After a full weekend of “marvelous” adventures, the sun decided to peak out during our last few hours together while we walked the streets of the historical old town of Fredericksburg, so of course we had to take more photos!

Katie and Chance, we LOVE you two! Our weekend together was beyond anything we could have ever dreamed or hoped for. Not only did we get to eat amazing food and drink Kölsch beer from my hometown in Germany, but most importantly we made FRIENDS for life! We witnessed how you have won each other’s hearts, and without a doubt you also have ours. It may sound a little cheesy, but “we are still gonna send it:”

“The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget you.”

-The Notebook

One thing we know for sure, is we will never forget this weekend, and we will never forget you! We cannot wait to see where our friendship will lead us, and of course we cannot wait to see you guys on your wedding day!


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